D'Angle Portable Guitar Hangers Securely Suspend
Guitars from Any Horizontal Surface

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D'Angle Guitar Hanger
MSRP  $24.95 $23.97
Guitar hangers that mount on your wall are great. But what do you do when you're away from home? The John Pearse Guitar Hanger is portable because it's small and can be used just about everywhere you go. Here's why...
  • You can safely hang your guitar up and out of harm's way just about anywhere you go because all you need is a small flat surface.
  • You have your guitar hanger when and where you need it because it's small and fits in your standard guitar case.
  • Your guitar is safe and secure. Some people look at the D'Angle Guitar Hanger and think it would be easy to knock down. It isn't. Have you ever seen someone trip over a traditional guitar stand? It's not a pretty sight and by all means, cover the kids' ears when it happens. The whole point of using the guitar hanger to get the instrument up and out of the way. John Pearce wouldn't design a guitar hanger that isn't secure.
Guitar Hanger Protective Non-Skid Surface
  • The D'Angle Guitar Hanger will not damage your guitar.
    • It's designed so that very pressure is on the neck.
    • Both the part of the guitar hanger that contacts the flat surface and the neck are covered with thick, durable, soft plastic tubing. This serves to protect the surfaces and also makes the guitar hanger non-skid. It's solid and secure.
  • It's a gift you know will get a lot of use and be appreciated. They'll think of you every time they use it.
  • It'll last you forever!

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