EZ Pass-Port Suction Cup Windshield Mount Toll Pass Transponder Holder

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EZ Pass-Port EZ Pass Holder Package Front
EZ Pass-Port EZ Pass Holder Package Front
EZ Pass-Port EZ Pass Holder Inside Windshield
View EZ Pass-Port EZ Pass Holder from Outside Windshield
View EZ Pass-Port EZ Pass Holder from Outside Windshield

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JL Safety EZ Pass-Port Toll Tag Holder
Clip and Suction Cup Windshield Mount EZ Pass Tag Holder Demo
JL Safety EZ Pass Holder
JL Safety didn't invent EZ Pass Holders...
they perfected them.

Problems With Competing EZ Pass Holders

E-ZPass has made traveling over toll roads faster and hassle–free. The default mount for E-ZPass transponders is Velcro used to attach the tag to the rear view mirror. This creates several problems.

  • When mounted to the rear-view mirror the Velcro is directly exposed to extreme heat and the Sun's ultraviolet rays. Over time the Velcro adhesive breaks down, and the transponder falls off.
    • When you’re not in the car the first time you know your E-ZPass is missing is when the alarms go off as you drive through toll booths and your tag isn’t detected.
    • It's dangerous when it falls off while you’re driving because it startles and distracts you. Sometimes you even try to catch it making the situation even more hazardous.
  • Over time your E-ZPass begins to collect dirt and generally looks gross and unsightly because, after exposure to the heat of the Sun, the sticky adhesive tends to find its way on to the exposed surfaces of the transponder. It’s not easy to clean. I’ll have some advice about cleaning your E-ZPass elsewhere on this page.
  • Mounting your E-ZPass to the rear-view mirror is not an option if your car is equipped with passive safety features like automatic cruise control, lane departure warning and automatic braking.
  • Transferring your EZ Pass between cars is difficult when you’re using Velcro. Plus frequently “tugging” on the Velcro to move it accelerates the breakdown of the adhesive. Just a heads up. The state registers your E-ZPass with your car(s). Therefore, you can’t just move it to another car without first registering and associating that car with your E-ZPass.
Most people’s first reaction is to replace the Velcro with another piece of Velcro, and the cycle repeats itself.

Why EZ Pass-Port Suction Cup Windshield Mounts Solve the Solution

Why JL Safety EZ Pass Holders Are Better

EZ Pass-Port EZ Pass Holders have unique, well-engineered features that make them the best,
most versatile and reliable clip / suction cup windshield mount toll tag holders.
Here's why...
EZ Pass-Port on New and Old E-ZPass Transponders
  • Securely Holds Both New & Old Transponder Boxes
  • Perfectly fits toll pass transponders used in these states:
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Virginia*
  • West Virginia
* Does not work with VA E-ZPass Flex Pass
  • Easy to Install, Remove and Transfer Between Vehicles
  • No Adhesive or Nylon Strips - your transponder remains clean.
  • Indestructible - Will Not Melt, Crack, Spin or Vibrate like competing plastic body EZ Pass holders.
  • Mounts to Any Smooth Area on the Interior of Your Windshield so it can be positioned where it will not interfere with radar safety features.
    Note: Avoid areas with raised black dots around the edges of the windshield or around the rear view mirror (Frit or Third Visor Frit) so the suction cup will make a good seal.
  • Sun and Cold Resistant
  • Industrial Grade Suction Cup - exclusive suction cup with a patented light diffusing ring that will divert damaging sunlight away from the holder and transponder. The high quality material forms a better seal making it more secure over extended periods of time.
  • Industrial Grade Steel - it has a strong tension that keeps the transponder securely in place and prevents annoying rattles and vibrations. The sturdy plated steel is designed in a way it will never interfere with antenna's signal reception and emission.
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • US Patent & Made in USA
  • UPC: 649
  • UPC: 852732002285

Installation Instructions

Inserting EZ Pass Traansponder into EZ Pass-Port Holder
  • Insert your E-ZPass transponder into the EZ Pass-Port as shown above.
  • Determine where you want to position the E-ZPass. For cars without radar safety features positioning the transponder behind the rear view mirror is usually the best place.
  • Consult with your car dealer regarding where to place it on vehicles with radar passive safety features like automatic cruise control, automatic braking and lane departure. I have personally found positioning it at the bottom right corner of the windshield, viewing the windshield from the driver's seat, works very well in my Subaru equipped with Subaru Eyesight.
  • Make sure both glass and the suction cup are clean.
  • Slightly moisten the suction cup and press it into place.
To Remove:
Simply gently slide your fingernail under the edge of he suction cup to break the seal.

EZ Pass FAQs

How can I clean the old sticky adhesive and dirt off of my EZ Pass transponder?

Use WD-40. It worked for me.

Must I remove the Velcro strip from the EZ Pass before inserting into the EZ Pass-Port?

No. But if it's a used transponder you might want to remove it just for appearance sake.EZ Pass-Port Showing Velcro Still Attached

Will mounting my EZ Pass on the inside of the windshield interfere with my electronic passive safety features like automatic braking, lane departure or automatic cruise control?

No. But you have to mount it as far away from the electronic sensors in your review mirror as possible. Consult with you car dealership for advice regarding the best placement. I have found the bottom right corn er works with my Subaru equipped with Eyesight.

Can't I just hold the EZ Pass up while I go through the toll booths?

No. The law requires that the EZ Pass be mounted to the windshield.

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EZ Pass Holders make perfect stocking stuffers and appreciation gifts for clients and customers!

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