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World's Softest Classic Quarter Socks
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Classic Collection Quarter Socks Features and Benefits

World's Softest Socks Classic Collection
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"You'll feel like you're walking on a cloud the instant you put these amazingly comfortable ankle socks on your feet! You won't wear any other brand because World's Softest Classic Quarter Socks are

  • incredibly soft;
  • seamless and non-chafing;
  • non-binding;
  • shock absorbing because of a thick, cushion-sole; and
  • very durable."
All Classic Socks Styles, Sizes, and Colors Are in Stock
Classic Socks are in stock because they're made in the USA in Niota, TN.

World's Softest Classic Socks are Made in the USA

Classic Quarter Socks Features & Benefits

  • They're amazingly soft and comfortable because the fibers are a special blend of 75% Ultra-Soft Acrylic, 23% Nylon, 1% Lycra®, and 1% Polyester.
  • Each step you take is like walking on a cloud because they have a luxurious cushioned sole that also acts to absorb shock.
  • Your feet won't get rubbed or irritated and perfect for people with sensitive feet because toe seams are smooth and flat.
  • Socks won't slip or bunch up because they have contoured heel and toe pockets.
  • Feet stay dryer and healthier because the fibers are designed to wick moisture away from your feet.
  • They're great socks for all seasons because... although they're plush and keep your feet warm and cozy in cold weather... your feet stay comfortable in warm weather.
  • You'll get great wear because high wear areas at the heel and toe are reinforced.
  • You won't have a problem with World's Softest Socks staying up or digging into your leg because they have an exclusive, patented, comfortable, non-binding and elastic-free ribbed cushioned top.
  • Manufacturer's Part No. W1041
  • SKU: 593
  • Colors:
  • World's Softest Classic Socks are made in the USA by Crescent Sock Company in Niota, TN.

World's Softest Classic Socks Reviews

10 Most Recent Reviews
Aggregate Rating:
4.76 / 5 Based On
36 Reviews
5 5 / 5 Stars (Quarter Socks)
"I have been wearing these socks for years. Im 62 yrs old now and wouldn't wear anything else." William H., Ocala, FL 11/23/21
5 5 / 5 Stars (Crew and Knee Socks)
"I first bought them a store in Orlando. Now it's the only sock I will wear." William R., Sylva, NC 07/04/14
5 5 / 5 Stars (Crew and Low Cut Socks)
"Very comfortable, extremely soft. Seem to last a bit longer than regular socks, so pretty durable. Wish I could buy them in a local store. Can't seem to find them anywhere but online now. They were cheaper at the Sock Market in Kittery, ME. But I'm hooked on them." Kathy H., Englishtown, NJ 06/18/14
5 5 / 5 Stars (Crew Socks)
"I've been wearing these socks for decades and it is worth the search when I want more." Philip S., Paradise, CA 06/16/14
5 5 / 5 Stars
"Quick delivery? Yes Received in good condition? Yes I just want to say THANK YOU for providing such excellent service. I placed a first time order with your company for my favorite socks after finding your company on a web search. I received my order yesterday, 4/18, after only a 3 day wait. Not only was your price the lowest after doing price comparisons but your speedy service is beyond compare. I work in customer service for a printing company and rarely do people say thank you for a job well done so I just wanted to take the time to do so. After such a wonderful first time experience, I am sure to be a regular customer. Thank you!" Heather K., Petaluma, CA 04/16/13
4 4 / 5 Stars (Knee Socks)
"My husband had a pair of extremely soft, THIN, black, over the calf socks that I loved so much I stole them and wore them until I wore them out. While I'd prefer thinner socks, these were the closest I could come to replacing my favorites." Marjo A., New Haven, CT 03/12/14
5 5 / 5 Stars (Crew Socks)
"They are the best." Jackie W., Lenoir City, TN 02/12/14
5 4 / 5 Stars (Crew Socks)
"Love the socks! Love the feel of the socks! The one drawback is that after wearing them too long, they tend to chafe my feet-unlike cotton socks." Suzanne W., Burlington, NJ 01/21/14
3 3 / 5 Stars (Knee Socks)
"The socks are indeed very soft and comfortable and wonderful for daily wear with loose fitting shoes. However, they are bulky and do not work well with dressier shoes, moreover they shed small pieces of lint every time I remove them at the end of the day, which becomes spread across my bedroom floor. So though they are wonderfully comfortable that have some limitations." Travis T., Roseville, MN 01/19/14
Worlds Softest does have a line of dress socks. The Classic Collection... the line I sell... is definitely for casual shoes. As far as the lint is concerned the answer is to wash the socks inside out. This eliminates this problem.
5 3 / 5 Stars (Knee Socks)
"I love, love, love these socks. The only socks on my feet unless I am skiing. LOL" Frank G., Roseville, MN 01/19/14
4 4 / 5 Stars (Crew Socks)
"Fine , but not quite as thick as I expected, but in the big picture , yes they are still comfortable & soft and a fair value. It also saves me driving a long distance to the outlet in Rehoboth Del. to buy them." Linda G., Glenville, NY 01/19/14

Classic Collection Quarter Socks are for Casual Use

I sell Worlds Softest casual socks. They're warm, plush, and have a thick cushioned sole that makes you feel like you're walking on a cloud. However, they're not for dress shoes because they're going to crowd your feet. Worlds Softest Socks does make thinner socks for use with dress shoes.

How to Care for World's Softest Classic Socks

  • Turn your socks inside out before washing. 
  • Wash them in warm water. 
  • Fabric Softener is recommended. 
  • Tumble dry with medium heat. 
  • Do not iron.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy World's Softest Classic Quarter Socks?

Retailers primarily sell World's Softest Classic Socks online, and you find them in some local specialty stores. However, you won't find a better place to buy your socks because I give you discounts, immediate order processing, and a fast, free shipping offer. Our store is family-owned and run. Most crucially, no one gives you better before and after the sale customer service. We love the products we sell, and it shows.

Are crew socks available in exact shoe sizes more comfortable?

I added this question because I saw one size socks advertised on TV. To me, socks that come in exact sizes are a solution in search of a problem. In fact, one size socks complicate something as simple as buying a pair of socks. Here's why.

  • First, I have never had a complaint about the fit of World's Softest Socks. Furthermore, I invite you to compare the comfort of World's Softest Classic Socks to any other brand that come in exact sizes or not.
  • Second, 60% of people have different size feet and buy socks based upon the larger foot. Therefore, if your socks don't stretch, you're guaranteed to have a loose fit on the smaller foot. You could buy two sizes and wear one from each pair. However, now you've complicated an otherwise incredibly easy task of putting on your socks. And, isn't keeping track of and sorting the same size socks challenging enough without having to worry about matching different sizes of otherwise identical socks?
  • Lastly, many people have problems with their feet swelling. The last thing you need are socks that don't give.

If you need to be told you have a problem, it probably isn't a problem. I'd love to hear your opinion.

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