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Toasty Feet Insulated Insoles place an insulating barrier between the bottom of your foot and the cold air blasting against the bottom of your shoe or boot to help keep your feet warmer longer. Toasty Feet are infused with an insulating material called Aerogel developed by NASA for use in space suits. It's the world's best insulating material and allows Toasty Feet Insoles to comfortably fit in all shoes and riding boots.
As your body's core gets cold blood is diverted from your arms and legs making it even more difficult to keep your feet warm. And since one of the primary ways your body... and feet... loose heat is through the bottom of our shoes the Toasty Feet become even more important.
"I can rate this product right now. My wife bought a pair of these things for me from a magazine about three months ago. I love these things! Believe me, I have tried everything to keep my feet warm here in Alaska. I work outside most of the time in temperatures of -20 to -25 degrees below zero sometimes, and this is the only product that I have found that works. I could not find them again, so I decided to punch your company name in the computer and it popped up. I decided I better get some for my motorcycle boots and other work shoes. I am very impressed with your product. Ritchie H., Soldotan, AK

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