Toasty Feet Insoles Effectiveness in Different Types of Footwear

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Chart Showing How Toasty Feet Work with Different Shoes
Many factors contribute to cold feet. One significant cause is standing on outdoor or indoor surfaces cooler than your body temperature causing heat loss through the bottom of your shoe. Toasty Feet place an insulating barrier between your foot and your shoe. Circulatory issues, the design and insulating quality of your shoes and even your sex are also causes of cold feet. Furthermore, everyone's situation is unique.

How noticeable the effect of Toasty Feet is depends on your particular situation. As the reviews show, most people notice a significant effect. A few others don't. But the fact is that Toasty Feet ALWAYS HELP to keep your feet warmer.

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  • Place an insulating Aerogel barrier, the world's most efficient insulating material, between your feet and the cold radiating through the bottom of your boots.
  • Keep feet cooler when walking on hot surfaces.
  • No batteries / No chemicals
  • 60% Aerogel, 40% durable Polyester
  • Dimpled surface that gives you superior impact absorption and controlled energy return.
  • Toasty Feet won't crowd your foot or cut off circulation because they're extremely thin.
  • Toasty Feet do not add any noticeable weight to your footwear because they're extremely lightweight... just 5.6 oz.
  • There are men's (TFM) and women's (TFW) models that can be trimmed to fit using trim lines.
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