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Toasty Feet Insoles Keep Feet Warmer Naturally

Toasty Feet Insoles
Toasty Feet
Toasty Feet Top and Bottom
Toasty Feet Side View
Toasty Feet on Dry Ice
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$ 8.57  / pr.
Fits Men's Shoe
Sizes 8 - 12
In Stock
Fits Women's Shoe
Sizes 7 - 10
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Toasty Feet insulated insoles keep feet warmer naturally without batteries or chemicals. NASA developed Aerogel insulation is infused in tough, durable Neoprene to insulate the bottom of your feet from cold and hot surfaces. The thin, padded design adds comfort, shock absorption and ventilation and won’t crowd feet. They work in all types of footwear with easy, trim-to-fit installation using trim lines on the bottom.


Why Your Feet Get Cold

Many factors contribute to cold feet. Heat loss through the bottom of your shoe when standing on outdoor or indoor surfaces cooler than your body temperature is one significant cause.

What Toasty Feet Do

  • Toasty Feet reduce conductive heat loss through the bottom of your shoe because they have infused Aerogel, the world's most effective and efficient insulation material developed by NASA for use in space suits. This very thin but highly effective insulating barrier helps retain your body's natural heat keeping your feet warmer and more comfortable longer.
  • Toasty Feet DO NOT ADD additional heat. They do not use batteries or chemicals.
  • They keep your feet comfortable all year round because the insulating barrier prevents heat from penetrating the bottom of your shoe.

How can Toasty Feet be so thin and still provide effective insulation?

Toasty Feet use Aerogel-Infused Nanotechnology. NASA developed Aspen to insulate spacesuits. Aerogel is the world's most effective insulating material with 38 times more insulating capacity than the best fiberglass insulation.
Aerogel used in Toasty Feet
Surface Area and Loft determine how effective an insulator will perform.
  1. Surface area, like layering your clothing to stay warm, preserves heat. Greater surface area improves insulation. Just one cubic inch of Aerogel provides the surface area of an entire football field.
  2. Trapped air between the insulating particles, or Loft, improves the effectiveness of insulation. Aerogel, the least dense solid material known to man, contains 50 - 99.9% air and provides incomparable Loft.

Toasty Feet are more convenient, economical and safe to use than chemical based, battery powered and even competing insulated foot warmers.

  • Preserving you're own body heat eliminates or reduces the need for relying on a devices using chemical reactions or batteries.
  • Not relying on chemical reactions or batteries eliminates problems with overheating and possible burns.
  • Not having complicated safety instructions makes Toasty Feet easy to install and use.
  • Toasty Feet's ultra thin design, just 3/16 inches thick, allows them to comfortably fit in more types of footwear without crowding and are far more versatile than competing products.
  • Light weight materials add no noticeable weight to your footwear.
  • "Earth Friendly" components do not add chemicals or used batteries to our landfills.

They're Durable

Toasty Feet retain their insulating qualities over time because they won't compress or crush (reducing loft).

  • Toasty Feet are 50% Aerogel and 50% Neoprene.
  • Aerogel is strong and supports 500 to 4,000 times its own weight and is infused as a powder in the Neoprene... the same tough material used to make diving suits.

They're Comfortable

The dimpled surface absorbs impact and improves ventilation.


Gently hand wash Toasty Feet in warm water and air dry.

Toasty Feet Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers

“I bought a couple and my feet have never been cold since. Believe me, I’ve tested them, and they work. So I’m going to give a pair to each family member for Christmas.” Dave L.


  • Thickness: ‹ 3/16 in.
  • Sizes (Trim to Fit - Trim Lines on Back of Toasty Feet):
  • Materials:
    • 50% Aerogel
    • 50% Neoprene
  • Weight: ‹ 1.6 oz.
  • Color: Orange
  • Model: TFM (Men's) TFW (Women's)
  • Womens gtin13: 0045143157280
    Mens gtin13: 0045143157273
  • Manufactured by Safety Works, LLC
  • Made in Mexico from Materials Made in the USA.


  • Sporting Events
  • Ice Skating
  • Skiing
  • Keeping Your Feet Warm in Your Home or Office
  • People with Circulation Problems
  • Commuting

Toasty Feet also keep your feet cooler while walking on hot surfaces. They're great for anyone during the hot summer months and a must have for people where heat can become excessive.


Toasty Feet ALWAYS HELP keep feet warmer... period. Reviews show that the overwhelming number of people love Toasty Feet. But there are a few reviews stating there was little or no improvement at all. Here's why...
  • Toasty Feet do not add heat... they retain it. The improvement may not be as noticeable for people who have circulation problems whereby there is little heat to retain. But Toasty Feet will help retain whatever heat you have.
  • No one "magic bullet" keeps feet warm.
    • You need good, warm socks.
    • The insulating qualities of your footwear play a significant role particularly if you're standing in deeper snow and heat may be lost through the sides of the footwear.
    • Warm Skin insulates your skin from the cold and is used by mailmen and NFL players.
  • Your body diverts blood flow away from the extremities to the brain and internal organs when it gets cold. Your hands and feet are the first to get cold followed shortly there after by your arms and legs when exposed to cold temperatures. So one of the keys to having warmer feet is dressing appropriately. My AirGuard CT Mask uses heat exchanger technology to store heat and moisture from the air you exhale to warm and moisturize the air you inhale. This helps maintain your body's core temperature which definitely helps keep your hands and feet warmer and allows you to be out in cold weather longer before getting cold.
Toasty Feet
Demonstration Video
Toasty Feet Demo Video

What's the difference between PolarWrap Toasty Feet, MCR Toasty Feet and Safety Works Toasty Feet?

They're all one and the same. MCR purchased PolarWrap. Then MCR and Safety Works formed a joint venture and Safety Works now controls Toasty Feet. The product has improved since the PolarWrap days.

Do Toasty Feet have arch support?


Will Toasty Feet work for all foot conditions?

Toasty Feet always help... period. But Toasty Feet preserve the heat generated naturally by your body. Hundreds of people with medical conditions report excellent results using Toasty Feet. But if you have extremely poor circulation whereby your feet are cold to the touch under ideal conditions there's no meaningful heat to preserve. Then you would have to try a foot warmer that generates heat either from a chemical reaction or from a battery. But no matter how little heat you're starting out with Toasty Feet will help retain it. Simply look a the illustration on this page where a person is standing barefoot on dry ice protected only by Toasty Feet to prove my point.

Which side goes up?

The dimpled side goes up against the bottom of your foot.

My shoe size is less than a Women's 7. Can I just trim it smaller than the size guidelines printed on the bottom of the Toasty Feet?

No. The Aerogel is infused as a powder. If you cut inside the seam it will separate... the powder will leak out... and it'll be unusable.

I find the dimples a little uncomfortable. Can I use them with the dimpled side down without damaging them? Will that affect how well they work?

Absolutely. Flipping them will not damage them and will not affect their performance.

Do Toasty Feet come in children's sizes?

No. There used to be Youth Toasty Feet but they were discontinued.

How long do Toasty Feet last?

It depends. I personally get about 2 years wearing them year round and leaving them in one pair of shoes. You may read on other websites that report the bottom side material... with the trim lines... is not durable. They were reviewing earlier versions of Toasty Feet. The woven material now used is durable and they're an excellent value.

I have cold feet in bed. Will Toasty Feet help?

No. Warm Skin All Weather Guard cream will help.

How do Toasty Feet warm feet?

They don't. They insulated your feet so you retain your body's own natural heat.

Reviews show the vast majority of people love Toasty Feet but there are some who say they don't help at all. How can that be?

Toasty Feet ALWAYS HELP... PERIOD. How noticeable the help depends on a number of factors.
  • Toasty Feet insulate and retain natural body heat. Circulation problems may limit the amount of heat you have to retain in the first place. But Toasty Feet will help retain whatever heat you have.
  • Toasty Feet prevent losing heat through the bottom of your footwear. The design of your footwear, the socks you wear and what you're standing in affects heat loss through the sides. Warm Skin All Weather Guard will help in this.

There used to be a Youth Size Toasty Feet. I don't see it on your store.

That size was discontinued two years ago.

Will they work with ventilated sneakers?

They'll help. But they work best in a shoe that's not heavily ventilated if the goal is to keep your feet warm.

Can I wash my Toasty Feet?

Yes. Gently hand wash them in warm water and air dry.

Are Cushioned Toasty Feet still available?

No. They were discontinued. But the beauty of Toasty Feet is that they are so thin so they don't crowd your feet in your footwear. In my opinion the Cushioned Toasty Feet were too thick. If you need cushioning, consider using Toasty Feet with RxSorbo Classic Sorbothane Insoles. Both are thin and can usually be used together.
Click on the Demo Video Tab in the Features / Applications section. Open the YouTube video. Click the short cut tab on the right bottom of the video screen named "How To Install Toasty Feet" that appears a few seconds into the video.
  1. Each Toasty Feet model is trim to fit and fits a range of shoe sizes.
  2. If your existing insole can be removed, use it as a pattern to trim your Toasty Feet.
  3. If you can't remove your existing insole simply trim the Toasty Feet Insole using the trim line guides printed on the insole to make them fit your shoe. Tip: Start by using a trim line a size or two larger than your actual shoe size and try it. If it's too big trim to the next smaller size. You can always trim more off but you can't add it back.
Approved by the Raynaud's Association
10 Most Recent Reviews
3 3 / 5 Stars They are comfortable...
"They are comfortable. I was working on a steel decked man lift in ambient temperature of 30. My toes got cold for part of the day, but not terribly cold. They do provide good cushioning. I wonder if the manufacturer could put more Aerogel in the product." , East Wenatchee, WA 04/15/14
4 4 / 5 Stars allow me to be outside in the cold and not suffer with numb feet...
"I did not use these pairs as they were a gift because I was so pleased with the pair I had purchased earlier. My feet are painfully cold all the time and because I like to do winter sports, I need something that will help keep my feet warm. these allow me to be outside in the cold and not suffer with numb feet." , Framingham, MA 03/12/14
1 1 / 5 Stars no benefit for winter kayaking...
"I purchased the inserts for winter kayaking in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I found no benefit at all for that usage." , Sequim, WA 02/10/14
5 5 / 5 Stars Stood on the ice in below zero weather for over 7 hours and my feet didn't get cold...
"Stood on the ice in below zero weather for over 7 hours and my feet didn't get cold. I did put some feet warmers in as well because it was so cold, but I believe the toasty feet made a huge difference. Others who just had the feet warmers in had to take their boots off, warm their feet up, and put new warmers in and I didn't have to." , Somerset, WI 02/04/14
3 3 / 5 Stars insoles fell short of my size 12 Sorrel boots...
"Although advertised to fit size 12, the insoles fell short of my size 12 Sorrel boots. It would be of benefit to make the insoles a little longer and wider in the forefoot." , Redmond, OR 02/03/14
5 5 / 5 Stars Within minutes of putting them in her shoes... her feet got warm...
"I saw these in a catalog and thought, would these really work? My mom and I both have Raynaud's disease and our toes are always so cold. I bought a pair for her at Christmas time. Within minutes of putting them in her shoes, she said her feet got warm. I had to buy some for myself. They are fantastic! We love them!" , Spartanburg, SC 02/01/14
3 3 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Montreal, QC 01/29/14
5 5 / 5 Stars I can't say enough about these...
"Good to talk yesterday by phone... I wish you had more Toasty Feet. I wanted another pair for myself, and a pair for my wife. Still scouring the Internet! I can't say enough about these. It's one of the best purchases I've made for the money in years and years! Looking forward to taking them with me on our ski trip next month to Stowe, VT!" , North Chili, NY 01/28/14
4 4 / 5 Stars went right into the boots no problem and feel fine in there...
"I haven't had a chance to test them fully yet. I bought them to keep my feet warmer on the nights that I ski patrol at a small local mountain. I have them in my soft boots (not the ski boots) for when I'm walking around in the beginner and loading areas. They went right into the boots no problem and feel fine in there. My feet have been warm so far!" , Manchester, NH 01/27/14
5 5 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Aurora, IN 01/26/14
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