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Satin Marsala OOFOS OOlala Sandals

OOlala Sandals are a sleeker, more fashionable and feminine version of OOFOS amazingly comfortable orthotic recovery sandals. Straps with exciting glossy and satin finish colors pop against the black foot bed so you'll look great and feel great for that special night out on the town. They're more narrow from the midpoint of the foot bed to the heel to fit most women's feet better.

I don't recommend you wear these walking in the sand at the beach or while roughing it on a camping trip. You would have all the benefits of OOFOS but the glossy or satin color finish would be subjected to abrasion. Turn to the OOriginal thong sandals for those situations. OOlala are more for dress.

$ 59.95 /pr.
*Includes Free Shipping to the U.S.
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Periwinkle OOriginal Sandals

OOFOS OOriginal thong sandals are great for any situation. While all OOFOS sandals are durable, OOriginal sandals have the color molded through and through so abrasion doesn't matter. These are the ones you can use to walk in the sand along the beach or on the family camping trip. If you're looking for something dressier consider OOlala sandals.

Shopping for OOriginal sandals can be a little confusing because they're often listed under Women's and Men's sandals. They're unisex. For example, there's no difference between a OOriginal Men's 6 or Women's 8 (marked as M6-W8 on the curved side of each sandal). It's exactly the same sandal with exactly the same dimensions and packaging. The primary reason showing them for Men or Women is the color and the fact that the brighter colors are not available in larger sizes.

If I confused you more just call me at 888-205-4477 or open the Chat feature on this page.

$44.95* /pr.
*Includes Free Shipping to the U.S.
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Discontinued Colors - Clearance Price $29.97
Limited Sizes Available - No Size Exchanges
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OOFOS OOlala Thong Sandals
$ 59.95 /pr.
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Navy OOahh Sandals *Includes Free Shipping to the U.S.

OOFOS OOahh are the slide sandals equivalent of the OOriginal thong sandals. A lot of people turn to a slide sandal because they don't like the feel of a thong sandal between their toes. But if you would otherwise prefer a thong sandal you might want to give OOFOS thong sandals a try because the post is skin soft, non-irritating and it stays that way over time.

$44.95* /pr.
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Discontinued Colors - Clearance Price $29.97
Limited Sizes Available - No Size Exchanges
No Free Shipping
OOFOS RejOOv Technology combines a revolutionary new material called OOfoam with a new, flexible, state-of-the-art and biomechanical foot bed design. These innovations produce incredibly comfortable, healthy, durable, waterproof and versatile thong and slide recovery sandals. Here's why you'll "Feel the OO" when you wear your OOFOS...

Benefits from OOFOS RejOOv Technology

OOFOS Sandals give you the best energy absorption of any orthopedic recovery sandals on the market because...

They're made from an all-new revolutionary material called OOfoam in combination with an exclusive patented foot-bed design.

  • The material is viscoelastic so that it absorbs an amazing 37% more shock and impact energy than EVA foam used in most other footwear.
    It absorbs energy both vertically and horizontally... very similar to human flesh cushions your foot. They're amazingly comfortable... like nothing else you've ever experienced... like standing on a natural surface.
  • OOFOS Contoured Foot Bed Design Technology
    OOfoam and the contoured, state-of-the-art, biomedically designed foot bed technology actually conforms to the unique characteristics of your feet delivering unparalleled comfort and natural support whether you're just standing or on the go. Once you've experienced the wonder of OOFOS OOfoam you won't want to wear any other shoes.
    • Click here to find the advantages of OOfoam over EVA foam used in most ordinary sandals...

You can comfortably wear your OOFOS Sandals all day because...

  • They don't irritate the top of your foot or between your toes like your other sandals because the material is incredibly soft to the touch. The entire sandals is one-piece molded OOfoam so there are no ridges or seams to irritate your skin.
  • Your feet and legs get less tired because the cushioning gives you just the right support allowing your foot to conform naturally to the surface you're walking on to achieve natural alignment. The shock absorption relieves all the stress on your feet, joints and back.
  • You step naturally... with a rolling heel to toe motion that reduces impact, stress and fatigue while improving circulation... because the sandal bottom is slightly curved.
  • You'll have more energy because OOFOS Sandals are incredibly lightweight.
  • You'll enjoy your activities more because you already know that when your feet feel great your entire body feels so much better.
  • OOFOS are healthy for your feet and prevent common foot health problems related to wearing sandals and flip flops.

People with medical conditions like arthritis, Plantar fasciitis or other conditions that cause pain in the feet, joints and back get relief wearing OOFOS Sandals because...

They're Orthotic sandals and provide excellent arch support that's not rigid and works with the foot bed design to adjust for people with low, normal and high arches. OOFOS have been very successful in helping people with Plantar Fasciitis.

OOFOS Sandals stay in place on your feet to reduce chaffing and help maintain perfect alignment because...

All OOFOS shoes have an exclusive therapeutic, foot hugging bioengineered contoured textured interior surface. It also makes it a lot easier and safer to drive while wearing sandals.

OOFOS Sandals are an incredible value because they're durable and stay comfortable over time because...

  • It's like putting on a new pair of sandals every time you put OOFOS on because OOfoam returns to its original shape the minute you take them off. Ordinary EVA sandals crush making them flat and uncomfortable after a single season or even after a few weeks reducing their ability to absorb shock.
  • OOfoam stays soft and flexible unlike ordinary sandals made from EVA that quickly harden and get brittle and rough over time so that they both irritate your skin and become uncomfortable.

They're easy to care for because you can just throw them in the washing machine.

Note: Be sure to use a cold cycle and don't put them in the dryer.

You'll use your OOFOS all year long because...

They're perfect outdoor sandals and great for athletes, people with painful foot, knee, back and neck injuries or chronic conditions as well as for everyday use...
  • They're the perfect recovery sandals for post athletic activity...
    • After a visit to the gym.
    • After a run. They set a new industry standard for running recovery sandals.
    • After participating in any sport.
    • After a day skiing or ice skating.
    • After dancing.
    • After any physical activity.
    • After a day of spending all day on your feet at work.
  • OOFOS are the world's best casual summer and beach sandals.
  • After a stressful day at work. When you walk in them it's like giving your tired feet a mild massage.
  • The perfect footwear for casual Friday.
  • The perfect comfort sandals for teachers, retail workers, school crossing guards, beauticians, or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.
  • Perfect for people with sensitive feet.
  • Best sandals to take on vacation.
  • Perfect for expectant mothers.
  • They take the place of a comfort mat and they're better because the cushioning goes wherever you go.
  • Great for walking the dog, running errands or your walking commute.
  • Great for students.
  • They make fantastic house slippers.

OOFOS make great gifts...

for Christmas, birthdays, going away to college gifts and undisputed world's best coaches' gifts.

OOFOS are uniquely suited for any activities around water because they're waterproof sandals.

  • They float making them great for boating and perfect pool sandals. And boaters take note... OOFOS are great boat sandals because they're non-marking and won't leave those hard to remove marks on your deck.
  • They're comfortable to walk in soon after you walk through water because they don't absorb water and dry quickly.
  • They won't get moldy or wind up smelling funky like ordinary sandals.
  • You're safer from...
    • Slips and Falls because the patented tread design found on all OOFOS Shoes channels water away so you won't aquaplane for great traction on wet surfaces.
  • OOFOS Sandals bottom showing channels that prevent aquaplaning.
    • Common Foot Infections because according to the Mayo Clinic..."To protect your feet from athlete's foot and foot warts (plantar warts), don't go barefoot in public areas. Make sure to wear waterproof sandals or shower shoes in communal showers, pools, locker rooms and fitness centers." August 23, 2011

OOFOS Features

  • Perfect casual walking sandals. Walk all day in comfort. Like walking on a cloud.
  • Comfortable standing shoes.
  • Industry leading running recovery sandals.
  • Orthotic sandals great for people with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis.
  • Made from OOfoam... a new, revolutionary, patented, proprietary material that offers several advantages over the EVA used in ordinary sandals.
    • Absorbs 37% more shock.
    • Does not quickly breakdown or become brittle.
    • Waterproof Closed Cell Construction prevents water and bacteria from penetrating your sandals.
      • Keeps feet dry and comfortable
      • Healthier for your feet
      • Sandals won't smell "funky"
      • Perfect gym shower sandals
  • Patented, state-of-the-art foot bed design
    • Conforms to your feet giving unparalleled comfort and alignment. Relieves foot, leg and back pain.
    • Excellent arch support for low, normal and high arches.
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Curved rocker bottom promotes walking naturally and reduces impact and stress.
  • They float.
  • They're non-marking. They won't leave streaks of floors of boat decks.
  • Grooved tread design prevents hydroplaning.
  • Thong and slide sandals.
  • Great colors.
  • Machine washable (Cold Cycle Only - Air Dry).

Demo Video

OOFOS Sandals
Demonstration Video
OOFOS Sandals Demo Video

OOFOS Sandals Video Testimonial

OOFOS Video Testimonial
First Time Experiencing OOFOS
This video includes informal testimonials from customers describing the amazing feeling you get wearing OOFOS Sandals. Testimonials also include orthotic and running recovery benefits.
Steel OOriginal Sandals
Customers Experiencing the OOFOS
"OO" Feeling for the First Time
This video shows customers reacting to the first time they try on OOFOS Sandals at the 2014 Boston Marathon.
Steel OOriginal Sandals

I have a condition that causes balancing problems. Will OOFOS work for me?

The bottom of OOFOS is curved so that your step is more natural and with less shock. But this can present a problem for people who easily lose their balance and often must use a shoe with a flat bottom.

Do OOFOS come in different widths?

No. OOFOS are currently available in only one width for each size fitting widths B, C & D best. Click on the Sizing Tips tab for help with sizing. The new OOlala Sandals are narrower and designed for women's foot.

I have a narrow foot. Will OOFOS work for me?

See the previous question "Do OOFOS come in different widths?".

I have a wide foot. Will OOFOS work for me?

See the previous question "Do OOFOS come in different widths?".

Are women's sizes narrower than men's?

OOFOS Sandals are unisex. So the question really doesn't apply. Obviously a size M6 W8 is smaller than a size M8 W10. The best thing to do when you have a question about width and fitting your feet is to click on the Sizing Tips tab.

What's the difference between OOFOS Sandals and Telex (Terox) Sandals?

Telex does not use OOfoam.

Is it true that OOFOS sandals run small?

Not any more. Earlier production runs of both OOFOS OOriginal and OOahh Sandals did run small. The sizing has been corrected. If you have any doubts about what size to order click the Sizing Tips tab.

The vamp on the slide sandal seems too tight.

OOFOS has increased the room under the vamp (the part of the slide sandal that goes over your foot) in newer production. If you're having a problem contact OOFOS at 775-636-9790

How can I tell if a pair of OOFOS is from an earlier production run when they were running small?

Look at the sizing on the instep. If there is only one size difference between Mens and Womens... for example M6 W7... it's earlier production. If there are two sizes... for example M5 W7... it's newer production where sizing issues were corrected.

I've heard that men should order OOFOS Sandals one size larger than their regular show size. Is that true?

Not any more. Earlier production runs of OOFOS Sandals incorrectly showed only one size difference between men's and women's sizes. There should be two. This has been corrected.

I already own OOFOS Sandals. Should I just order the same size?

Not necessarily. You may have a pair from earlier production runs when they were running small. Newer production runs slightly bigger. Visit the question above about how to determine if your OOFOS are from an earlier production run.

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