Leak-Proof Café Cap 2.0 for Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Bottles

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Café Cap 2.0
Klean Kanteen's New Wide Café Cap 2.0 makes the World's best stainless steel insulated wide bottles even better. The Café Cap has always instantly converted Klean Kanteen wide bottles into fantastic travel mugs. But there was drawback... they weren't leak-proof. So you had to use the Stainless Loop Cap to transport the bottle in your backpack or lunch bag and then change to the Café Cap when you wanted to drink. There was also a problem with leaking if you knocked it over on your desk or in your car. Well those days are over because the Café Cap 2.0 is totally leak-proof. The Café Cap is also exceptional because it's...
  • perfectly contoured for comfort and to help prevent those embarrassing drips on your clothes;
  • splash proof;
  • made from non toxic polypropylene (pp#5) so it won't...
    • leach any chemicals when exposed to heat;
    • impart any funky smells or flavors into your drink;
    • retain any smells or flavors from what you carried in your mug yesterday or last week;
  • stays cool and won't burn your lips;
  • compatible with all Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Bottles; and
  • easy and quick to thoroughly clean.
    Five easy to dis assemble and reassemble parts make cleaning simple and quick. Competitors leak-proof caps either don't dis assemble or not completely which means you can't totally clean them and food particles can become lodged in inaccessible areas. Bacteria and fungus grow in these areas and pose obvious health risks and impart funky odors and tastes to the contents.
Does the Café Cap 2.0 make the Stainless Loop Cap obsolete? No. Click the link to find out why.
Klean Kanteen Café Cap 2.0"The contoured Café Cap 2.0 is now totally leak-proof as well as drip-proof and splash-proof. It's included with the purchase price of all Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Bottles. This multipurpose cap makes using Klean Kanteen Wide Bottles as insulated bottles, thermoses or travel mugs convenient and easy."

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