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Losing the remote control is exasperating. When it's misplaced words used in expressing the frustration of losing it... especially from Dad... would make a sailor blush. But now you can eliminate that frustration and fuss by attaching a Find One Find All FOFA Key Finder to your remote. It'll find it wherever it's hiding.It's a complete wireless remote key finder system capable of specifically locating up to 36 different items... including that elusive TV remote control.

FOFA's exclusive 2-way wireless RF communication with XD Proximity Detect...

When a FOFA key finder finds another FOFA Key Finder, the found unit sends a signal back to the key finder you're holding. When it receives this "call back" signal, you'll hear a warbling sound coming from the key finder you're holding and the red LED light on the key finder will blink. The closer you are the located object the faster it blinks. So you can find your TV remote control under the sofa cushion no matter what. The same is true for your keys or wallet that may be buried in the wash or your coat pocket.

They're Easy to Attach

FOFA Remote Finder Attached to Back of TV Remote ControlFOFA remote finders are a lot easier to attach to different kinds of remote controls and other items than other key finders because they come in different styles. The flat key finder often works best for remote controls.
The best way to attached Flat FOFA Remote Finder to curved surfaces is with Velcro®.
FOFAs do not come with Velcro®. But I'll send you a ¾" square of Velcro® with each Flat FOFA Key Finder so you won't have to buy a whole package of Velcro® when most times you only need one piece. This saves you a trip to the store and about $2.50 for the Velcro®.

Each FOFA Can Find Any Other FOFA... No Base Station is Required

A FOFA Remote Finder uses patented 2-way wireless RF technology so that any item with a FOFA remote key finder attached can be used to find any other item with a FOFA Key Finder attached. Use the FOFA on your keys to find your TV Remote control. Use the FOFA on your TV Remote Control to find your keys. You're not depending on a base station to find your remote control that's just as likely to be right next to your lost TV remote control under the sofa cushion.

Far Superior to Sound Activated Remote Finders

If your TV remote control is under the cushions where as you well know it is a lot of the times, it can't hear you so it won't activate the ringer. Even if it could hear you... you can't hear it!

Far Superior to Other RF Remote Finders

Less sophisticated 1-Way wireless remote finders will activate the remote key finder attached to your TV remote control hiding under the cushions. Some... like the FOFA... have loud ringers and a flashing red LED light on the located remote finder which is good for deaf people. But if it's under the sofa cushions, you won't hear it or see it. The FOFA you're holding alerts you that the remote is nearby. The closer you get the more regular and faster the LED flashes.

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