What Are FOFA Key Finder Sets?

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  • When are Sets Needed?
  • What are Sets?
  • How to Use Sets
The vast majority of people who have 6 items or less in their FOFA Key Finder system will never have to deal with Sets. There are four situations when Sets come into play...
  • You have more than 6 FOFA Key Finders.
  • You want to keep items belonging to different people in you household completely separate.

    Note: If the total number of items you want to track is six items or less I personally don't see any reason to not keep them all in the same set. You just know which numbers belong to each person's keys or other items. Then you can use any FOFA to find any other FOFA.
  • You are living in close proximity to people outside you family... like in an apartment building or college dorm... who may also own FOFA Key Finders.
  • You own certain Subaru models where the electronic car key can on occasion set off your FOFA Key Finder. This is easily corrected by assigning a different Set.
Illustration of FOFA Key Finder Sets
Set 1 2 3 4 5 6
FOFA 1 1-1 2-1 3-1 4-1 5-1 6-1
FOFA 2 1-2 2-2 3-2 4-2 5-2 6-2
FOFA 3 1-3 2-3 3-3 4-3 5-3 6-3
FOFA 4 1-4 2-4 3-4 4-4 5-4 6-4
FOFA 5 1-5 2-5 3-5 4-5 5-5 6-5
FOFA 6 1-6 2-6 3-6 4-6 5-6 6-6
Note: FOFAs do not have to be assigned
to Sets sequentially.
You can have a total of 36 items in your FOFA Key Finder system made of up of 6 sets of 6. Most people will never have to be concerned about sets because the default set is Set 1 and you can use the
Quick Setup Procedure
. For people with more than 6 items or who want to keep items belonging to different people separate will have to deal with sets and use the Advanced Setup Procedure and it's not complicated at all.
Once you have programmed your FOFAs you simply press the number corresponding to the Item you're looking for from any other FOFA in that Set. For example, if I were looking for Item 3 in Set 2 I would simple press 3 on any other FOFA in Set 2.
Any FOFA Key Finder from the same set of 6 can find any other key finder from that set. But a FOFA Key Finder can't find other FOFA Key Finders that belong to a different set. So you must always have at least two FOFA Key Finders in any Set.
If you have any questions about FOFA Key Finder Sets please call 855-207-9615.

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