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No Base Unit Required

FOFA 2-Way RF TechnologyYou don't need a base station because every FOFA key finder can find all the other FOFA key finders. Here's why this is important to you...
  • First, many people are just as likely to have misplaced the base unit most wireless key finder systems require. But even if you have a predetermined place to keep the base unit your home is not the only place you're likely to misplace things. So if the base unit is at home at that particular place, it's not going to help you find your stuff if you're not home. FOFA wireless key finders will.
  • If the Base Unit Fails the Key Finders are Useless - Most competing brands do not offer a replacement base unit, so you have to buy a whole new key finder.
  • Tags attached to items are frequency specific. If one fails, you have to order a particular replacement if replacements are available at all.
    Note: One of the most popular cellphone-based key finders requires that you repurchase the tags attached to your items once per year because there is no way to replace or recharge the batteries in the tags. They don't make that clear when you purchase them.
FOFA units are available, compatible and programmable.

Find More Items with a FOFA

FOFA key finders allow you to specifically find up to 36 different items which should cover most everyone's needs. Many wireless key finder systems limit the number of items they can find... sometimes as few as two. That's very limiting in a world where most of us have keys, a wallet, glasses, iPods, cell phones, and multiple sets of keys. Many wireless key finders that can locate more than two things ring all of them when you try to locate one. Imagine how that would complicate trying to locate something.

Effective Range

FOFA will reliably find your keys, wallet, glasses or whatever up to 30 feet. Some wireless key finders claim to be effective up to 60 ft. and one several hundred feet. Many claiming to have higher ranges in reality only find things 10 ft. away. But assume they actually can find items at these increased distances. Now when you're looking for something inside your home 30 ft. is a long distance. If you lost something outdoors, I would think the longer distance would be more important. But how many times... in your life... have you lost your keys outdoors? It's in your house or a friend's house. The unit that locates keys at several hundred feet is ultra expensive and rapidly consumes batteries.

Find Items Buried Under Cushions

Most reputable wireless key finder units are loud enough to hear effectively. Some have a blinking LED. But what if it's buried and you can't hear it? In most cases, you're out of luck. That's because most wireless key finder systems are one-way. The transmitter sends a signal that the receiving unit then responds to by ringing and... in a few models... an LED light to blink. FOFA's wireless system uses advanced RFID technology that transmits a signal... the receiving unit responds by ringing... flashing an LED light... and also by sending a signal back to the transmitting unit causing it to chirp and an LED light to blink. That's important because no matter how loud a key finder is you may not hear it if it's buried in a pile of wash or in a heavy coat pocket. So if you push the button on a FOFA wireless key finder corresponding to a buried item you hear it respond by chirping and the LED blinking... the closer you are the faster it blinks... so you know you're close.


FOFA Key Finder Size
FOFA Wallet Finder
Many brands of wireless key finders offer only one style of key finder that are not suited to attach to certain items. FOFA key finders come in two styles and they all communicate with each other in the same way. There is a style that is ideally suited to attach to your keys. But there is a flat style... smaller than a credit card and thin enough to just slide in a slot in your wallet or purse. The flat style is also well suited to attach to things like your TV's remote control. FOFA is the most flexible wireless key finder system available.

Cost / Benefits

Competing wireless key finders with far fewer features cost up to twice as much as FOFA Key Finders. The most expensive costs hundreds of dollars making it impractical for most people. FOFA Key Finders are affordable... extremely high quality... durable... and offer everything anyone could possibly want in a wireless key finder. The useful life of your key finder system is even better because compatible replacement are readily available.

Cost and Convenience of Ownership

Many wireless key finders rapidly consume batteries and many times require battery sizes that are hard to find. Batteries last about one year in a FOFA key finder and use low cost, common CR2032 coin cell batteries found in almost any grocery or drug store.

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