AirGuard Medical CT Masks Prevent Cold Air Asthma Attacks

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Grey AirGuard Medical CT Mask
Grey AirGuard Medical CT Mask
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AirGuard Medical CT Cold Air Mask Technology
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AirGuard Medical CT Mask Replacement Module

Why Are AirGuard CT Masks So Helpful for People with Asthma?

"It's an attractive winter accessory that resembles wearing a scarf across your face."

Doctors and respiratory therapists recommend medical grade CT Masks for people with asthma. That's because

  • CT Masks store heat and moisture from the air you exhale and use it to warm and moisten the air you breath in. Therefore the mask controls asthma triggers caused by cold dry air including
    • irritation of the lining of the respiratory tract causing muscles to constrict and tighten;
    • thickening of the mucus blanket reducing its ability to trap and transport irritating allergenic particles and pathogens away from your lungs increasing your chances of suffering an allergic trigger or contracting a respiratory disease; and
    • lastly, stimulating the release of histamine which can cause wheezing in asthma sufferers.
Outdoor activities and sports exacerbate all of the problems listed above. Your CT Cold Air Mask gives you the freedom to be outdoors and remain active and worry-free.
5 "The mask does everything it is advertised to do and I find it very comfortable. I suffer from COPD and cold induced asthma and this mask has been very helpful when I need to clear snow from the driveway and walk from the car into work and between the car and stores. Much better than the fleece or woven scarves I have used for years, just wish I had found this product sooner."

Why AirGuard Is the Best Cold Weather Mask for Asthma?

Here's why the AirGuard Medical CT Mask Cold Air Mask is superior to ordinary cold air winter face masks for preventing cold-air related asthma problems.
  • Patented Copper Mesh Heat Exchanger Technology (Replaceable)
    Note: I don't know of any other heat exchanger masks that use an antimicrobial copper mesh heat exchanger. If you know of one, please let me know. Some masks use a polyurethane mesh. Copper is an profoundly better material to use for heat exchange.
  • Works in Temperatures from +40°F to -50°F
  • Medical Grade Mask suitable for use by people with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases
    ***IMPORTANT*** If you have a medical condition you should always get the OK from your doctor before getting a mask.
  • They're Incredibly Comfortable because they're made from Soft POLARTEC® Fleece
  • They Hug Your Face in Warmth because the straps are adjustable and the mask is flexible and conform to your face for a perfect fit.
  • Your Face Stays Dry because fleece is water-resistant and wicks away moisture.
  • All-Natural and Eco-friendly because they don't use batteries or chemicals.
  • Materials are Antimicrobial
    • 100% Copper Mesh
    • PORON® (Medical Grade Urethane)
    • Napped Lycra® Jersey (94% polyolefin AM/P2, napped/6% Lycra®)
  • Replaceable Heat Exchanger Module
  • Hand-washable in warm water with non-allergic soap; air-dry
  • Lightweight - Just 4.6 oz
  • Easy Care
  • One Size Fits Most because sliders on the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit.
  • Colors: ,
  • Manufacturer: AirGuard

People Who Need AirGuard Medical CT Masks

An AirGuard Medical CT Mask Cold Air Mask is the ultimate asthma winter face mask. However, CT Masks are perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors in cold weather in temperatures from +40°F to -50°F including:
  • ice fishing
  • hunting
  • shoveling snow
  • ice skating
  • outdoor chores
  • skiing
  • hiking & walking
  • biking
  • people with medical conditions
  • construction workers
  • waiting for the bus or train
  • cleaning snow and ice off the car
  • motorcycling
  • spectators at outdoor games and events
  • football players trying to stay warm while on the bench
  • snowmobiling
  • meter readers
  • postal workers
  • People with:
    • Asthma
    • COPD
    • Any respiratory condition
    • Cardiac conditions

Helpful Questions About AirGuard Medical CT Masks

How do I adjust it to fit my head?
How to Put the AirGuard Medical CT Mask On
  1. Hold the Mask in both hands, gripping it with your thumbs on the inside and placed over the left and right seams of the breathing module.
  2. Position the mask above and slightly behind your head with the lower strap below the crown of your head.
  3. With the lower strap against the back of your head, pull the Mask forward like putting on a cap, then pull it down over your face until it is in place over your mouth and nose.
  4. Adjust the ear covers, then the lower strap behind the base of your head.
  5. Adjust the upper strap across the top of your head.
  6. Position the Mask for fit and comfort with the breathing module snug under your nose and the multiple small breathing holes positioned directly against your mouth.
Do I breathe through my nose or my mouth?
You breathe through your mouth.
How cold does it have to be to use the CT Mask?
There is no set temperature. It's whenever you feel cold.
Will my glasses fog up?
If the mask is worn properly, no. However, if you have a problem with fogging, simply clean the lenses using foam (not gel) shaving cream. Just put a dab on each side of each lens and clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. It works great! There are also anti fogging products available for glasses at your optician.
How long do the heat exchange modules last?
They're very durable and long-lasting. I have only sold one to someone who said the module was beginning to show some cracks and that was after several years.
Can I use the cold air mask with the hoses from my oxygen tank?
What if I get too warm while I'm exerting myself?
You simply lower the mask and take some breaths of cold air.
Do AirGuard CT Cold Weather Masks work for everybody?
No. Some people may feel the CT Mask, or any mask, restricts their airflow causing them discomfort. If it does cause discomfort or you feel it restricts your breathing you should immediately discontinue wearing the mask. To date I have had just one person say they were not comfortable wearing it.

How Do Customers Like Their CT Masks?

Aggregate Rating:
4.18 / 5 Based On
Most Recent 10 Reviews
4 4 / 5 Stars
"Great for asthma, too" , Newtown, PA 04/15/2014
5 5 / 5 Stars
"" , Naperville, IL 03/11/2014
5 5 / 5 Stars
"Only problem for me is I have a beard and it doesn't fit as tight to the face as it should." , Winnipeg, MB 03/11/2014
5 5 / 5 Stars
"The mask was great, but not cold enough here for it to be used." , Vinton, VA 02/23/2014
5 5 / 5 Stars
"Am going for walks in the colder weather now! Works like a charm!" , Enderby, BC 02/17/2014
5 5 / 5 Stars
"I have been using the CT Mask for the past three years. As a clinical pharmacist, I have been recommending the product to my patients, family, and friends. It's the best cold weather warming mask on the market." , Orland Park, IL 02/12/2014
5 4 / 5 Stars
"I bought this to replace one made by Psolar. It seems to work as good except that it doesn't fit real tight above your nose, so, a lot of air comes in that way. But, it isn't anything that you can't live with. All in all I would certainly buy another one, and, I would recommend it to anyone with cold induced chest pains like I do." 02/06/2014
5 5 / 5 Stars
"The mask does everything it is advertised to do and I find it very comfortable. I suffer from COPD and cold-induced asthma. This mask has been beneficial when I need to clear snow from the driveway and walk from the car into work and between the car and stores. Much better than the fleece or woven scarves I have used for years, just wish I had found this product sooner. " Bloomington, IL 02/05/2014
3 3 / 5 Stars
"It is very large and I probably would use it when I am outside for a longer time. The fit is OK once I saw how to adjust the mask. I tested its ability in cold weather at about 29 degrees and it seemed satisfactory." , Southington, CT 02/02/14
1 1 / 5 Stars
"The Cold Air Mask is an excellent quality product. Unfortunately, it is wholly incompatible with corrective lenses." , Fayetteville, NC 01/22/14
Note: I personally wear eyeglasses with the CT Mask without a problem. I would estimate that at least half of the people who buy them wear glasses. I'm currently trying to talk to Robert to find out if the problem is positioning his eyeglasses, a fogging issue, or both. Update: The problem was positioning his glasses.

How to Care for AirGuard CT Masks

  • The Mask is for individual use only and should not to be shared with another person.
  • Proper cleaning and drying of the Mask and Breathing Module is important to prevent the slight possibility of contaminates arising.
  • The Mask and Breathing Module should be cleaned separately. 
    Clean them both with warm water and a hypo-allergenic soap, rinse, and then allow them to air dry.
  • The Breathing Module should be cleaned at the end of each day after use. A "day of use" is one where you're wearing the mask for several hours. If you're just wearing it to walk out to the mail box and back you certainly don't have to wash it every day. Obviously if you've been sick you'll want to clean the mask frequently to prevent re infecting yourself.
  • You'll get 90-120 washings before needing to be replaced. This is an estimate provided by an outside testing company. You may get more than 120 washings.
  • Don't twist it to wring it out because you'll damage the module. Just let it drip dry.
  • If you are washing the module daily you may want to consider buying a second module. That way you can alternate using them so that you are sure the module you wash after use is completely dry in the morning.
  • The Breathing Module simply slides in and out of flaps on the interior of the face mask.
  • The Mask should be cleaned when it's dirty.  At least once a week if you wear it every day.

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