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AirGuard Medical CT Cold Weather Winter Face Mask
AirGuard Medical CT Cold Weather Winter Face Mask - Camel
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A cold weather running mask helps keep you warmer longer and protects your lungs. The AirGuard Medical CT Cold Air Mask uses advanced heat exchange technology that preserves the heat and humidity in the air you exhale and uses it to warm the air as you inhale. This helps to keep your body's core warm. When your core starts to get cold your body diverts blood flow away from your extremities. That's why your hands and feet are always the first things to get cold. The bottom line is that you stay warmer and have a better run.

But there's something AirGuard hasn't even thought about. One of the worst injuries I ever had running is when I ran in near zero degree weather. It was like I had burned my lungs. I'm sure the avid runners reading this will have a term for this. But all I know is that it took forever to go away and it was not "a happy thing". A AirGuard Medical CT Warm Air Mast is precisely what I needed to avoid the whole problem.

Another thing I really like about the Cold Air Mask is that if you start to get too warm you can simply pull it down and breath some colder air. So it makes it easy to regulate your temperature so you don't sweat.

The heat exchanger works at temperatures from + 40°F to -50°F. So essentially any time you start to feel cold is the right time to use your Cold Air Mask. And you just don't use it for running. If you attend outdoor sporting events, take long walks, hunting, ice fishing, or simply waiting for a bus or shoveling snow...you're going to love you Warm Air Mask.

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