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Home Fall Safety For Elderly - Yaktrax
"Yaktrax work great for elderly people. But don't forget that Yaktrax are fantastic for everybody. I bought them for every member of my family before I decided to sell them. You'll wonder how you got along without them..."
Considering a home fall safety program? You should be aware of some important facts about falls and how they impact elderly people contained in an article in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (June, 2005):
  • Falls are the leading cause of all accidental death and sixth leading cause of deaths in elderly people > 65 in the United States.
  • Approximately 20% of older people who fall require emergency medical attention, 30% to 50% of these result in hospitalization
  • 5% to 10% of falls in older people result in serious soft tissue damage, 3% to 5% in skeletal fracture, and 1% to 2% in hip fracture
  • A fall precedes 90% of hip fractures and 25% to 40% of vertebral compression fractures.
  • If a person has low bone mineral density, the risk of hip fracture resulting from a fall is triple.
  • The personal, family, and societal consequences of fractures in older people, particularly hip fractures, can be devastating. Therefore, prevention of falls is an important facet of any osteoporosis fracture reduction scheme.

Yaktrax On Stairs
Yaktrax makes walking up and down icy or snowy steps a breeze.  
Obviously everyone, not just older people, slip and fall more frequently on the ice and snow. It's that fall prevention is just that much more critical if you are elderly. So when you design your home fall safety program don't forget to consider the time outside of your home. Fear of falling on icy sidewalks or stairs often prevents older people from going outside to participate in the winter activities they enjoy. This can be as detrimental to your quality of life as the injuries would have if you actually fell. Takes the worry out of making it to the doctor's appointment you just can't miss or to pick up your prescriptions at the drug store regardless of the weather.

According to the American Geriatrics Society Study (June, 2005), using Yaktrax can substantially reduce your chance injuries from slips and falls on ice and snow (Read Full Text). Using the Yaktrax Walker will substantially increase confidence and encourage you or your older friend or relative to participate in the winter activities.

Yaktrax are lightweight, have no sharp edges or points, and are easy to put on and take off. Better yet, once they're on you walk normally like you do on dry payment. I still can't get over how well they work. And at just $17.95 Yaktrax are inexpensive and are one of your most cost effective means of preventing falls and improving the quality of your life. If your order is$35 or more you'll get free shipping!

Scroll down this page to order your Yaktrax online now... 
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There's one very important thing to remember no matter what traction device you buy for your shoes... except one...
Always take Yaktrax off before you go indoors.
Yaktrax are designed to give you great traction on ice and packed show but are very slippery on smooth, dry floors. But it's not a big deal because they simply stretch over your regular shoes or boots in seconds. It's even less of a big deal when you leave the store and can just walk across that icy parking lot to your car without worrying.
If putting Yaktrax on and taking them off is a problem for you or you live or work in the city Click here to find out about AltraGrips Lite Low Profile Ice Cleats...

MSRP $20.00
$17.95 * /pr.
On Boots
Yaktrax Walk on Boots Thumb
Black Yaktrax Walk
Clear Yaktrax Walk
On Shoes
Yaktrax Walk on Shoes Thumb
Glow Green*
Glow Green Yaktrax Walk
*Glows in the Dark
Click here to view videos showing you what the different colors will look like on your shoes and boots
*Includes Free Shipping to the U.S.

Yaktrax Walk Sizing Chart

Yaktrax Walk are Unisex and fit the following men's and women's shoe sizes.
*XL is not available in the Yaktrax Walk. Click here to find the Yaktrax Pro.
11.5 - 13.5
13 - 15
9 - 11
10.5 - 12.5
5 - 8.5
6.5 - 10
1 - 4.5
2.5 - 6
All Colors and Sizes
are In Stock

IMPORTANT Sizing Tips!

Yaktrax Walk Run Small. If your shoe size is at the top of a size range shown below you may be better off getting the next larger size especially if you plan to wear them over heavy boots or shoes. If you can't decide go with the bigger size.

Tips for Choosing Colors

Get different colors so you can easily tell them apart when there's more than one Yaktrax user in your home.

Consider Glow Green if you'll be using Yaktrax a lot at night. You'll be safer because they glow in the dark for improved visibility. It will also help you find them if you drop one.

How Do I Get Free Shipping?

If you're ordering 2 or more pair you automatically get free shipping.

If you're ordering only one pair type yakfree in the Customer Code Box after you place your Yaktrax in the cart. Then click the Submit Button.  
Size and Color:

Call me at 1-855-207-9615 if you have any questions or run into any problems placing your order.
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