OOFOS OOcloog Clogs

"The world's most comfortable orthotic recovery clogs..."
OOFOS OOcloog Clogs
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Black OOFOS OOcloog Clogs
Black OOFOS OOcloog Clogs Top
Black OOFOS OOcloog Clogs Side
Black OOFOS OOcloog Clogs Bottom
Plum OOFOS OOcloog Clogs
Plum OOFOS OOcloog Clogs Top
Plum OOFOS OOcloog Clogs Side
Plum OOFOS OOcloog Clogs Side
Luxe Black
Black OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs
Black OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 2
Black OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 3
Black OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 4
Luxe Mocha
Mocha OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs
Mocha OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 2
Mocha OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 3
Mocha OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 4
Luxe Periwinkle
Periwinkle OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs
Periwinkle OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 2
Periwinkle OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 3
Periwinkle OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs 4

OOcloog Sizing Tips & Recommendations

If you wear a half size order the next bigger size. For example, if you wear a 7½ order a Size 8.
OOFOS Clogs are Unisex and available in one width only.
Color and Size:

OOFOS OOcloog Clogs at the Beach
"New! OOFOS OOcloog Luxe Clogs. Shiney, dressier version of the world's most comfortable recovery clogs for work or a night out on the town!

You simply won't find more comfortable and healthy casual orthotic recovery clogs...

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OOFOS Clogs Unique Features

  • Stand or walk all day in comfort. Like standing and walking on a cloud.
  • World's best running recovery clogs.
  • Orthotic clogs great for people with foot conditions.
  • Made from OOfoam... a new, revolutionary, patented, proprietary material that offers several advantages over the EVA used in ordinary clogs.
    • Absorbs 37% more shock.
    • Does not quickly breakdown or become brittle.
  • Patented, state-of-the-art foot bed design conforms to your feet giving unparalleled comfort and alignment. Relieves foot, leg and back pain.
  • Excellent arch support for low, normal and high arches.
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Curved bottom promotes walking naturally and reduces impact and stress.
  • Ventilation holes keep feet cooler and dryer.
  • Water proof
  • They float.
  • Grooved tread design prevents hydroplaning.
  • Great colors.
  • Machine washable (Cold Water Cycle. Air Dry.)

Only OOFOS Clogs give you the incredible comfort of OOfoam...

  • OOfoam is a revolutionary new material that's more comfortable, provides better impact absorption, and is far more durable than the EVA foam used in ordinary sandals.
  • Many clog manufacturers boast that they use EVA in the footbed to provide impact absorption. OOFOS Clogs are entirely made from OOFOAM which provides superior impact absorption and lasts far longer than EVA.
  • Your feet feel absolutely wonderful and perfect for people with sensitive skin because OOFOAM is incredibly soft and smooth. And they stay comfortable over time because OOFOAM doesn't break down and become hard, brittle and irritating like EVA.
  • There are no interior ridges that can irritate your skin because of the one piece, molded construction.

They're the easiest clogs to walk in and to stay in place on your feet because...

  • They're extremely lightweight and the footbed is textured.
  • The bottoms are rocker shaped so you walk naturally.

You're safer walking on wet surfaces because...

The bottoms have grooves to channel away water and prevent aquaplaning.

They give you great support, balance and alignment and provide great arch support for all foot types because...

The state-of-the-art footbed design and OOfoam material conforms to the unique characteristics of your feet. The built in arch support is not rigid and adapts to feet with low, regular and high arches.

Your feet stay cooler and dryer and less susceptible to moisture related problems like fungus and odor because...

They're ventilated for better air circulation.

There's no more "soggy" clogs when you walk through a puddle because OOFOS clogs are completely waterproof...

  • Water on the surface drys quickly.
  • Since they're waterproof, the sandals themselves won't retain any moisture and get moldy and smell funky.
  • They're great to use for any activity around water because their waterproof and float.

They're easy to care for because...

They're machine washable. They make perfect garden clogs because they are just so easy to clean and they're water proof.
Note: Cold wash only and don't put them in the dryer.

They're ideal for diabetics because...

  • You have the added protection of the closed toe clog design.
  • Even the heel design affords some protection because of the way it slightly cups the heel.

OOFOS OOcloog Clogs Customer Reviews

4 Star Product Rating4 / 5 Stars
"I purchased the clogs to wear to work. We can only wear closed toed shoes and I needed some comfortable. I was surprised by the way the feel when I walk. They fit your step and move the way your foot moves. Mine do feel like they have a high arch which is good for me. I want to get the slide sandals to wear when shopping." , Lexington, NC 06/30/14
5 Star Product Rating5 / 5 Stars
"I LOVE my OOFOS Comfy Cozy" , Bremerton, WA 06/17/14
5 Star Product Rating5 / 5 Stars
"I love these shoes; they make me feel like I'm walking on pillows!" , Austin, TX 02/12/14
5 Star Product Rating5 / 5 Stars
"I love these shoes; they make me feel like I'm walking on pillows!" , Austin, TX 02/12/14
2 Star Product Rating2 / 5 Stars
"They helped my feet for awhile but the shoes made my feet slide to one side so the shoes don't really stay even but are run down to one side. I wish I could try another pair smaller but won't spend the $50 cause they may do the same thing." , Columbus, IN 06/16/14
4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"Very comfortable, help relax your feet if you have to stand on them long hours. Wish the soles were higher, and the shoe had more ventilation. They are ideal for high arched people on concrete floors. " , La Verne, CA 01/18/14
5 Star Product Rating 4/ 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Bowling Green, VA 11/17/13
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Lansing, MI 11/16/13
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"The most comfortable shoes! I did have high hopes they would help my Plantar Fasciitis but they have not hurt it. Best shoes I have for my problem. I wear them everywhere with funky socks for warmth." , Santa Fe, NM 11/15/13
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Harriman, NY 11/15/13
5 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"More colour options would be nice." , St. Catharines, ON 11/14/13
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"Most comfortable shoes on the market!" , Athens, TX 10/08/13
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"Extremely "cushy" footbed... wear them to garden and they wipe clean, no backache after working in the yard all day! Love the plum color!" , Coventry, RI 08/22/13
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I love the clogs as I loved the thongs. They are extremely comfortable, have eliminated my foot problems and reduce discomfort in my legs. Perhaps other clog colors would be good, but serious black works for a serious pain reduction shoe." , Libery, NY 08/20/13
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I have not been able to wear anything that would not accommodate a custom orthotic for many years. I can wear these! It is so nice to be able to wear a sandal. I love them!" , Spring Branch, TX 08/16/13
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I am 60 years old and I can walk miles in these clogs and sandals. My feet never get tired. I love them! I have talked them up so much my friends and family are buying them. I also appreciate the prompt service I received from your site." , Evansville, ID 08/15/13

OOcloog Sizing Chart, Tips & Recommendations

If you wear a half size order the next bigger size. For example, if you wear a 7½ order a Size 8.
OOFOS Clogs are Unisex and available in one width only.

Frequently Asked Questions About OOFOS Clogs

Is it true that OOFOS OOcloogs run large?

No. OOFOS Sandals used to run small. That sizing issue has been corrected in mid 2013. OOFOS Clogs never had the sizing issue. But they appeared to run large when people compared them to the earlier OOFOS Sandals. Check the Sizing Tips Tab. This should help you decide which size is best for you.

Why This IS the Best Place to Buy OOFOS

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  2. You have a much better chance of getting the right size on the first try because I provide expert Sizing Tips and Advice.
  3. No State Sales Tax
  4. I carry all OOFOS Styles, Colors and Sizes.
  5. Talk to a Live Person who actually uses and understands OOFOS Sandals.
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OOFOS Shoes Size Exchange & Returns Policy

Size Exchanges

I will cover the cost of freight both ways for one size exchange.


  • Sandals can be returned for up to 60 days but only if they are in new, salable condition and in the original packaging. So when you get them be careful not to damage the original packaging. Try them by walking in a carpeted room. Sandals that have been worn outdoors cannot be returned.
  • I will provide a label for the return.
  • After returns have been inspected, refunds will be issued using the same form of payment used for the original purchase. Refunds are issued within 24 hours of receipt of the return.
  • Refunds exclude freight costs incurred sending the original order.

Partial Returns

If your original order qualified for Order Volume Discounts and your partial return brings your original order total below the threshold for qualifying for Order Volume Discounts... or reduces the amount of the Order Volume Discount... the amounts of the Order Volume Discounts no longer applicable to the order will be deducted from your refund.

About Return Labels

I will provide a return label for returns and size exchanges. Return labels are sent by email. If no email is available or you do not have a printer, the return labels will be mailed using USPS in the case of returns or enclosed in the box with the new size sandals in the case of exchanges. If you choose to return your sandals without getting a return label or this is your second or more size exchange, send them to:
The Perfect Present
PO Box 6737
Reading, PA 19610