Airguard Medical CTmask™ Cold Air Mask
"This Cold Air Face Mask uses advanced, patented heat-exchanger technology to trap heat and moisture from the air you exhale to warm and moisten the air you inhale to keep you warm, healthier and more comfortable in the coldest weather... "

An Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask gives you the freedom to be outdoors and remain active, exercise and stay fit comfortably in the coldest weather. Any time you start to feel cold is the right time to put on your cold air mask.

It's highly recommended by doctors and respiratory therapists for people with medical conditions that are affected by breathing cold air.

Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask - Grey
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Airguard Medical CTmask Cold
Air Mask Replacement Module
Airguard Medical CTmask  Replacement Modules
Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask - Grey
Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask - Camel
Side View
Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask Side View
Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask Technology
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"My son walks about a half mile to work each morning and has been raving about his Airguard Medical CT Cold Air Mask. It's January 3rd, 2010 and I've had my first opportunity to personally test the Airguard Medical CTmask in harsh conditions. It's 17°F with 40 mph winds here in Pennsylvania. The CTmask is truly an amazing product. It absolutely warms and moistens the air. I had no way of verifying the actual temperature of the air I inhaled but I can tell you it was warm and comfortable. I also agreed with my son that in addition to keeping you warmer longer wearing the Cold Air Mask makes you feel warmer right from the beginning. Without it I was instantly cold and when wearing it I was warm and comfortable. You won't find a better winter face mask. The Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask has become one of my favorite products and I highly recommend it!"

Here's why the Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask is superior to ordinary winter face masks...
  • Stay Warmer Longer on Cold Weather
  • Patented Copper Mesh Heat Exchanger Technology (Replaceable)
  • Works in Temperatures from +40°F to -50°F
  • Medical Grade Mask Suitable for Use by People with Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases
    ***IMPORTANT*** If you have a medical condition you should always get the OK from your doctor before getting a mask.
  • Comfortable, Soft POLARTEC® Fleece
  • Flexible Construction Hugs Your Face in Warmth
  • All Natural and Eco-friendly... No Batteries... No Chemicals
  • Materials are Antimicrobial
    • 100% Copper Mesh
    • PORON® (Medical Grade Urethane)
    • Napped Lycra® Jersey (94% polyolefin AM/P2, napped/6% Lycra®)
  • Replaceable Heat Exchanger Module
  • Lightweight - Just 4.6 oz
  • Easy Care
  • Adjustable Straps - One Size Fits Most
  • Colors: Camel, Grey
  • Brand: Airguard Medical
  • Manufacturer: Airguard Medical
5 Star Product Rating
"This mask absolutely works and once you have one you'll wonder how you lived without it. Everyone who must go outside in the cold for any reason should own a Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask. I absolutely can't say enough about it. I was clearing snow after the second "Nor'easter" we got here in Pennsylvania in less than a week. The temperature was in the low twenties with a strong wind blowing the snow right in your face. When I first went out outside without my Warm Air Mask I lasted about 20 minutes before coming in to warm up with a hot cup of coffee. I wore my Warm Air mask when I went out for the second and final time and with no exaggeration at all I felt like I could have stayed out there all day. It's a fantastic cold weather mask."
Who Uses a Cold Air Mask
Warm Air Mask for Outdoorsmen
An Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask is the ultimate winter face mask and perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors in cold weather... in temperatures from +40°F to -50°F... including:
  • ice fishing
  • hunting
  • shoveling snow
  • ice skating
  • outdoor chores
  • skiing
  • hiking & walking
  • biking
  • people with medical conditions
  • construction workers
  • waiting for the bus or train
  • cleaning snow and ice off the car
  • motorcycling
  • spectators at outdoor games and events
  • football players trying to stay warm while on the bench
  • snowmobiling
  • meter readers
  • postal workers
How It Works to Keep You Warm

How Cold Air Affects Your Body

Do you notice that when your outside in the winter that your fingers and toes start to get cold first? Then you notice your hands, arms and legs get progressively colder. That's because your body is diverting blood flow from your extremities to keep your body's core warm.

One of the primary ways you lose that body heat in cold weather is through the breath you exhale. When you see your breath you're seeing that loss of body heat and humidity.

What the AIRGUARD Cold Air Mask Does

  • You stay warmer longer because your Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air mask has a patented heat exchanger built into it. You breathe in and out through your mouth through the heat exchanger that traps exhaled heat and water vapor and returns the stored heat and humidity to the next breath you inhale warming it to 80°F. When you conserve your core heat your body won't be diverting blood flow to your arms and legs so your entire body stays warmer.
  • Breathing humidified air which is better for your respiratory system.
  • You'll be safer and more productive because studies have proven that you'll also be much more alert and have better dexterity when you're warm.

CTmask Customer Reviews

4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"I bought this to replace one made by Psolar. It seems to work as good except that it doesn't fit real tight above your nose, so, a lot of air comes in that way. But, it isn't anything that you can't live with. All in all I would certainly buy another one, and, I would recommend it to anyone with cold induced chest pains like I do." , Romeo, MI
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"The mask does everything it is advertised to do and I find it very comfortable. I suffer from COPD and cold induced asthma and this mask has been very helpful when i need to clear snow from the driveway and walk from the car into work and between the car and stores. Much better than the fleece or woven scarves I have used for years, just wish I had found this product sooner." , Bloomington, IL
3 Star Product Rating 3 / 5 Stars
"It is very large and I probably would use it when I am outside for a longer time. The fit is OK once I saw how to adjust the mask. I tested its ability in cold weather at about 29 degrees and it seemed satisfactory." , Southington, CT
1 Star Product Rating 1 / 5 Stars
"The Cold Air Mask is an excellent quality product. Unfortunately, it is wholly incompatible with corrective lenses." , Fayetteville, NC
Note: I personally wear eyeglasses with the CTmask without a problem. I would estimate that at least half of the people who buy them wear glasses. I'm currently trying to talk to Robert to find out if the problem is positioning his eyeglasses... a fogging issue... or both. Update: The problem was positioning his glasses.
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"It works wonderfully!" , Flat Rock, MI
3 Star Product Rating 3 / 5 Stars
"The mask is comfortable to wear, but I have found that it does not allow enough air in when doing any manual labor, such as removing snow." , Wisne, NE
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"It is very comfortable after learning how to adjust straps. I have only used it once on a cold windy day. It was nice to have something covering the whole face and ears too. It was much easier to breathe through than any other mask I have used. I know have other family members that have asthma like symptoms and will recommend this product to them as well as my lung doctor." , Boone, IA
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"The Air Mask allows me walk outside for my exercise. I had open heart surgery and am restricted as to what I am allowed to do in cold weather. I appreciate being able to get fresh air and walk for my half hour outside." , Middletown, CT
3 Star Product Rating 3 / 5 Stars
"I purchased this mask so that I could jog in the winter (I get cold induced asthma). The fit is fine but becomes more difficult to breathe properly to get the maximum oxygen to my muscles. If you are using for walking the product is superb." , Baltimore, MD
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"This is the Greatest face cover I have ever had and worn, this works as stated plus more. I will buy a extra insert pillow module when I can afford it so when I wash one I will not loose any use time of my mask when needed. It takes about 15 hour to AIR DRY (ONLY). This works from house to car, to store, church, letting the pet outside, just as they say this is a aid only... Like a Coat & Hat. This will prevent the cold air from entering the respiratory system when WORN AS IS STATES. Because at first I did not, I learned the hard way, hand wash both items in a free & clear soap. I use All free and clear. Be gentle on both item, NO WASHER OR DRYERS. I do not work for the company just a Well Satisfied customer. :)) I could Just Go on. Thank You ! This My own words only... Be Gentle It Pays Off. ( C.O.P.D) It is comfortable, Yes, for Me, its like all winter wear, once you wear it, You know you need it. " , Niles, OH
4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"The filter pack in the front should have Velcro to hold it in place. It falls out easily when taking it off and on. Otherwise the mask is great." , Upper Darby, PA
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Grayslake, IL
4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments."Raymond S., Grayslake, IL
4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"It is a wonderful help in that he can breath! The down side is it fogs up his glasses. Let's see now... put the glasses in the pocket for the time being. Remember, you can breath well enough to do that now." , Rockford, IL
4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"Very good product, works as advertised meets my needs well. Fits well and is comfortable in spite of initial impressions!" , Darien, IL
4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Wonowon, BC
2 Star Product Rating 2 / 5 Stars
"The product works well, but was too tight, so I returned it for a refund." , Newcomestown, OH
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Exeter, NH
4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Brogue, PA
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I am the product of decades of cigarettes; my lungs are pretty well kippered, I think. I generally can't go outdoors when the air is too much below freezing - then I nearly cannot breathe at all.
I have been concerned about having some sort of emergency requirement that would force me to be outside in the worst weather. (Car trouble, for example, on a winter day.)

I got the AirGuard Mask for just such an emergency, but I found that it worked so well I have worn it under less extreme, non emergency conditions, and it's allowed me to go outside a lot more than I normally would have felt comfortable doing.
It's been wonderful!" , Manassas, VA

3 Star Product Rating 3 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Elkhart, IN
5 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"I bought this for my girlfriend, who can't breath cold air under 32 degrees - without extreme lung problems. However, it hasn't been cold enough since Christmas here in western Montana for her to try it. You can't push her, so we'll have to wait and see. I'll keep this e-mail on file and let you know how well it works for her. But, the fact that you are doing this survey, combined with the research I did - would lead me to believe that this will probably help her get through future cold weather. I liked the features you put into this breather than more expensive models. " , Big Fork, MT
3 Star Product Rating 3 / 5 Stars
"No question that it helps with the asthma in -25c weather. Not possible for me to be outside very long in dry weather, with the mask I've twice been able to use snow blower to clear lane, walk and paths on acreage! It's comfortable other than being tight against face, not able to breathe through my nose? Still worth it to not be battling asthma and the way it covers ears are a bonus! " , Leduc, AB
3 Star Product Rating 3 / 5 Stars
"Does not work well with hearing aids. My previous mask had aluminum screen for heat retention Loved it, had no material to absorb moisture when outside for very long but I can not find one similar to it. I thought yours sounded similar but the material causes moisture retention and is not as easy to breath through. I have COPD so am more sensitive to flow, most people would have no problem." , Tustin, MI
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"The fit and comfort are great!" , Marana, AZ
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"My Mom is THRILLED!!!!!! It is a HUGE help for her COPD!" , Cozad, NE
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I have COPD and hate walking on a treadmill. This mask enables me to walk outside when the temps are very low.
Wouldn't walk when the weather was cold but with the mask, I can bundle up and the cold weather doesn't bother my breathing.
" , Russellville, AR
4 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"I am very satisfied to have a mask that allows me to work outside for an hour. I usually have to stay inside while my family does the outside chores. It was great working together. The only trouble I have is my eyeglasses are just tucked in hanging out in front because that can't sit on my nose." , Lake Ann, MI
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Louisburg, NC
Frequently Asked Questions

Will my glasses fog up?

Yes. But simply clean the lenses using foam (not gel) shaving cream. Just put a dab on each side of each lens and clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. It works great! There are also anti fogging products available for glasses at your optician.

Can I use the cold air mask with the hoses from my oxygen tank?


How long do the heat exchange modules last?

They're very durable and long-lasting. I have only sold one to someone who said the module was beginning to show some cracks and that was after several years.

What if I get to warm while I'm exerting myself?

You simply lower the mask and take some breaths of cold air.

Do AIRGUARD Cold Weather Masks work for everybody?

No. Some people may feel the CT Mask, or any mask, restricts their airflow causing them discomfort. If it does cause discomfort or you feel it restricts your breathing you should immediately discontinue wearing the mask. To date I have had just one person say they were not comfortable wearing it.
  • The Mask is for individual use only and should not to be shared with another person.
  • Proper cleaning and drying of the Mask and Breathing Module is important to prevent the slight possibility of contaminates arising.
  • The Mask and Breathing Module should be cleaned separately. 
    Clean them both with warm water and a hypo allergenic soap and then allow them to air dry.
  • The Breathing Module should be cleaned at the end of each day after use.
    • A "day of use" is one where you're wearing the mask for several hours. If you're just wearing it to walk out to the mail box and back you certainly don't have to wash it every day. Obviously if you've been sick you'll want to clean the mask frequently to prevent re infecting yourself.
    • You'll get 90-120 washings before needing to be replaced. This is an estimate provided by an outside testing company. You may get more than 120 washings.
    • Don't twist it to wring it out because you'll damage the module. Just let it drip dry.
    • If you are washing the module daily you may want to consider buying a second module. That way you can alternate using them so that you are sure the module you wash after use is completely dry in the morning.
  • The Breathing Module simply slides in and out of flaps on the interior of the face mask.
    Interior View of Mask
    Airguard Medical CTmask Cold Air Mask Interior View
    Inserting Module into MaskInserting Breathing module in Airguard Medical CTmask
  • The Mask should be cleaned when it's dirty.  At least once a week if you wear it every day.
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