AirGuard CT Mask Instructions
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How to Put on an AirGuard CT Mask

How to Put on and Adjust an AirGuard Medical CT Mask
  1. Hold the Mask in both hands, gripping it with your thumbs on the inside and placed over the left and right seams of the breathing module.
  2. Position the mask above and slightly behind your head with the lower strap below the crown of your head.
  3. With the lower strap against the back of your head, pull the Mask forward like putting on a cap, then pull it down over your face until it is in place over your mouth and nose.
  1. Adjust the ear covers, then the lower strap behind the base of your head.
  2. Adjust the upper strap across the top of your head.
  3. Position the Mask for fit and comfort with the breathing module snug under your nose and the multiple small breathing holes positioned directly against your mouth.

How to Use an AirGuard Medical CT Mask

Breath normally through your mouth. The air passes through the heat exchange module trapping heat and moisture. When you inhale the trapped heat and moisture warms and humidifies the cold outside air. If you get too hot simply lower the top of the cold air mask and breath cold air through your nose.
It's a completely eco friendly way to stay warm because there no batteries and no chemicals. You're simply recycling your own body's heat and moisture. Unlike many cold air face masks, you can easily regulate your body temperature by easily breathing some cold outside air by lowering the top edge of the mask.