School Crossing Guard Accessories and Supplies
A school crossing guard has to be able to move quickly because you know you never know when you're going to have to get children and yourself out of harm's way. In winter moving quickly isn't always the easiest thing to do if conditions are slippery. You already know that they don't always send the kids home until after the slippery weather has arrived. Some mornings you have to wonder who made the decision to have school in such slippery conditions.

School crossing guards have to be there... ready to take care of the children... no matter what. That's why Yaktrax are one of your most important school crossing guard supplies. They give you great footing so you can move quickly on the ice if you have to. And they help keep you safe as well because a school crossing guard in the hospital with a broken hip isn't doing anyone any good. Read this page to find out more about Yaktrax and why every school crossing guard should have them...

Yaktrax stretch over your regular shoes or boots to stop you from slipping and make safely walking on ice as easy as walking on dry payment because...

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  • Yaktrax are like tire chains for your shoes gripping the ice in all directions when you take a step. Just stick them in your pocket because they're flexible and weigh less than 6 oz
  • You're safe the minute you slip them on your shoes because there are no special skills to learn.

  • No product can absolutely guarantee you won't fall. But with no sharp points or edges there's nothing to injure you if you do.
  • Yaktrax won't damage most floors. BUT NEVER WEAR THEM INDOORS!
    Click here to find out why...
  • Yaktrax make a perfect Christmas present for the school crossing guard on your list. There just isn't a more thoughtful or appreciated gift!

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