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Frequently Asked Questions About Yaktrax Pro and Yaktrax Walker
Do Yaktrax really work? Can you absolutely guarantee 2-Day Delivery?
How long can I expect my Yaktrax to last? Will the Yaktrax Pro give me better traction than a Yaktrax Walker?
Why don't you offer a free carrying case? Are Yaktrax good for women who are pregnant?
I've heard that some competing products last longer than Yaktrax. Is that true? What are WinterTrax?
Will Yaktrax work in deep snow? Somebody told me that Yaktrax will harm your hiking boots. Is that true?
Can I use one pair of Yaktrax for all my shoes? Are Yaktrax the best choice for business and industry?

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Both the Yaktrax Pro and the Walker give you the same excellent traction on ice.
  • Do Yaktrax really work?
    Yes... they do! The video on the right about Yaktrax was aired on Channel 11 Eyewitness News in Raleigh-Durham, NC on February 11, 2008.

    Yaktrax will far exceed your expectations. I can tell you this from personal experience. I have used Yaktrax, primarily the Yaktrax Walker, in some of the worst icy conditions you can imagine and they have performed flawlessly for me. Do I absolutely guarantee you can't fall? No, I can't do that because it is impossible to make that guarantee. I can tell you I have not had a single slip of close call since I own them. I do guarantee that you'll love your Yaktrax because I give you a full cash back satisfaction guarantee. If they didn't work I couldn't do that.
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  • How long can I expect my Yaktrax to last?

    The answer totally depends upon the surfaces your walking on. If you walk primarily on ice and packed snow you can expect them to last for years. If you walk on patches of dry sidewalk and patches of ice you can obviously expect them to wear out sooner since the dry patches will cause the steel coils to wear out faster. If you walk on sharp objects you can expect the straps to wear out faster.
    If you know you're going to be walking in harsher conditions or if you know you're going to be walking longer distances you're better off buying the Yaktrax Pro because the straps are made from a thicker, tougher real rubber compound and the stainless steel coils are heavier duty.

    The Yaktrax Walker is considered light duty ice cleats and are designed for occasional use. The Yaktrax Pro is considered a medium duty ice cleat but still is not designed to be used every day. If you live in an area where you get snow and ice almost every day... you walk on rougher surfaces... you take very long walks... or your activities required that you frequently walk through deep snow as well as ice and packed snow you should consider an industrial grade ice cleat. Just because it is considered an industrial grade ice cleat does not disqualify it for personal use and is often the best tool for the job. The absolute best industrial grade ice cleat I've found is Jordan David Grip-X Ice Cleats.

    Yaktrax does mention that your Yaktrax will last longer if you periodically straighten the coils with a pliers. I don't know of anyone who actually does that...I know I don't. They're just not that expensive to go to a lot of trouble. When they start to wear out you replace them...they're inexpensive.

    Regardless of your walking conditions or how you treat your Yaktrax, they're guaranteed for 90 days from the date of purchase.
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  • Why don't you offer a free carrying case?
    I had one customer ask me this but I'm sure it crosses other people's minds. I'm always looking for ways to give my customers more for their money so I looked into it. The cases I found that I could afford to give away were not waterproof and not watertight. Most people carry Yaktrax in their pockets... purses... brief cases... etc. But one of the things you'd look for is that the case be waterproof and watertight.
    Another problem I had with the samples was that they didn't open wide at the top and putting the Yaktrax in the bag was a hassle. If it's a hassle you probably won't use it... at least I wouldn't.
    The sample bags added bulk. One of the really great things about Yaktrax is that they're flexible so you can fold them up and stick them in your pocket. That got more difficult with the carrying bag and again I don't think people will use it.
    I decided instead to continue to give you free, fast, upgraded 2-day shipping. I'm not criticizing my competitors who do offer a carrying bag because maybe they had better luck finding something worthwhile.
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    If you really want the world's best Yaktrax carrying case, use a common, large plastic freezer bag with the tab that seals it across the top. It's waterproof... watertight... opens wide at the top so it's easy to get your Yaktrax in and out... and it's not bulky!

    Not that I think it matters if they did, but nobody sees you use it anyway if you're using your Yaktrax safely and taking them off before you go indoors. If you loose it... so what... you have five or more in the kitchen drawer. If it starts to look ratty, throw it out and pull out a new one.
    The only thing you want to remember is to open up the bag when you get home so it can dry out.
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  • I've heard that some competing products last longer than Yaktrax. Is that true?

    Yes, it's true. Some quality competing products have replaceable spikes which is a great feature. But the competing products have some drawbacks to consider. For example, they're rigid... not flexible. You can't just fold them up and stick them in your pocket or purse. Even if you could you wouldn't because they have sharp spikes. So there are many situations when you won't have them when you need them. Some competing products require that you walk a certain way... a different way than you normally do... for them to be most effective. When you use Yaktrax you just put them over your shoes and walk normally. And customers have told me that Yaktrax are easier to put on and work better than competing products and fit over more types and sizes of shoes.
    I do have better, heavier duty ice traction devices. I now have ice traction devices that are as easy or easier than Yaktrax to put on and take off your shoes. But they're substantially more expensive. But if you've tried Yaktrax and have a problem with them wearing out quickly you might want to consider going with an industrial grade ice traction device. Call me at 1-888-205-4477 for free expert advice.

    Spare Spike Ice Cleats
    Spare Spike Ice Cleats on Dress Shoe imageClick here to find out more about Spare Spike Ice Cleats...
    Well folks, I now carry an Yaktrax alternative. They're called Spare Spike Ice Cleats manufactured by Winter Walking who have 35 years of experience in making slip resistant footwear. They're tough, lightweight and have replaceable spikes. You can roll them up so the spikes are inward so you can safely carry them in your pocket. They compare in price to the Yaktrax Pro at $24.97 /pr. They're excellent on ice and packed snow. But they're also good in deeper snow and slush where Yaktrax won't do you any good. They way they fit over the front of your shoe will keep them from coming off better in deep snow. People with arthritis or other hand weakness will find them easier to put on because they have large patented dual pull tabs that are easier to grasp.
    Altragrips-Lite Low Profile
    Altragrips-Lite Low Profile Ice CleatsClick here to find out more about Altragrips-Lite Low Profile Ice Cleats...
    Update 01/07/2011:
    I sell AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile Ice Cleats and Low-Pro Ice Cleats... industrial grade ice cleats by Jordan David (now called Winter Walking)... on my SlipResistant.net online store.
    You can drive safely while you're wearing them and you don't have to take it off every time you go indoors!
    They give you excellent traction on ice, packed snow, deep snow and even mud. But these features come at a price because they're $44.97 /pr for the AltraGrips-Lite and $34.97 for the Low-Pro. But they'll last you for years. I've been using them two seasons and their convenience makes them the best way to go if you can afford them. They're definitely the best ice traction device for people working and living in the city and perfect for delivery drivers.

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  • Will Yaktrax work in deep snow?
    No. Yaktrax are made for walking on ice or packed snow. That's because there is no surface for the coils to grip in deeper snow. If you regularly walk on ice, packed snow and deeper snow you should consider Spare Spike Ice Cleats. Visit SlipResistant.net to find several more industrial grade ice cleats that work in deep snow and slush as well as on ice and packed snow.

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  • Can I use one pair of Yaktrax for all my shoes?
    For the vast majority of us the answer is yes. But you have to use common sense. For example, if a man wears a size 10½ shoe Yaktrax recommends a Medium. If this man has a normal size boot there should be no problem using a Medium Yaktrax. But if the boot is extremely heavy duty and oversized the same man may need a Large Yaktrax. I think the best idea for a case like this is to get the Medium Yaktrax and immediately try it on your boots. It should go on easily without having to stretch it excessively. If excessive force is required you need the larger size for the boots...it's as simple as that. For most of us one Yaktrax will be sufficient for regular shoes and boots.
    On the same note, don't automatically buy the larger size to fit the boot and the regular shoe because come off your shoe. You want the Yaktrax to fit snugly.
    One other point about Yaktrax sizes. I think Yaktrax tend to run small. If your shoe size is at the top of a size range, get the next larger size. If you're not sure what size to buy, call me or email me with your shoe size(s) and I will help you decide which size Yaktrax is best for you.
    Yaktrax will not work on women's high heels or small heeled boots. Obviously I emphatically don't recommend you where this kind of footwear walking on ice and snow. But the Spare Spike Ice Cleats I now sell will work on this type of footwear.
    Visit the Spare Spike Ice Cleats page to find out more...
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  • Can you absolutely guarantee 2-Day Delivery?
    No. I can guarantee I will get them shipped either the same day the order is received or, at the latest, the next mail day. From then on it's in the hands of the post office. To date their performance has been outstanding which is enhanced by the fact that I'm located close to a major hub. But weather conditions in other parts of the country may also cause delays in delivery. I have had very few problems using USPS Priority Mail.
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  • Will the Yaktrax Pro give me better traction than a Yaktrax Walker?
    For regular winter activities the answer is no. The Pro is heavier duty and will withstand more punishment and last longer. However, for outdoor work and winter sports the Pro will give you better traction simply because it has a Velcro support strap to help keep it in place.
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  • Are Yaktrax good for women who are pregnant?
    Yes. Because a fall on the ice could injure both Mom and baby. But you do have to be able to take them off before you go indoors because Yaktrax can be extremely slippery on dry, smooth surfaces. If you have a problem putting them on and off because of the bending required I still recommend them highly but you'll need someone to help you put them on and take them off.
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  • What are WinterTrax?
    WinterTrax are an extremely low cost alternative to the Yaktrax Walker. It's basically a one size fits all approach. Like most one size fits all products they do not stay on your shoes very well and are designed for very limited, light use. I don't carry them. They are in no way a substitute for the original Yaktrax Walker or new Yaktrax Pro.
    The other problem I have with Wintertrax is that they can easily be confused with the original Yaktrax. If you ever hear of someone who had a bad experience with Yaktrax make sure they're not actually talking about Wintertrax. Similarly, if someone tells you they bought Yaktrax at an extremely low price be sure they didn't buy Wintertrax which are less expensive.
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  • Somebody told me that Yaktrax will harm your hiking boots. Is that true?
    This is not a frequently asked question and the person who asked it could not tell me how it was suggested that Yaktrax could possibly harm hiking boots. But I included it anyway because it surprised me it was asked even once.
    Yaktrax will not harm your dress shoes and especially not harm your hiking boots. Only the elastomer strap (or rubber strap on the Yaktrax Pro) comes in contact with the upper surface of your shoes. No metal comes in contact with any part of your shoe other than the sole. Nothing sharp comes in contact with your shoe because there's nothing sharp on Yaktrax. I have never heard of Yaktrax harming any type of shoe.
    If anyone reading this knows of any case where Yaktrax damaged any sort of shoe I would ask you to please email me and let me know how that occurred. I will put that warning on the website. But until I actually receive that email with a convincing case I will continue to tell you that Yaktrax will not harm any shoe or boot. That's because I've used them for years and have experienced absolutely no damage.
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  • Are Yaktrax the best choice for business and industry?

    Sometimes. It depends on your situation and in picking the right tool of the job. Yaktrax will only stop you from slipping and injuring yourself if you use them. Furthermore Yaktrax are effective on ice and packed snow only and can be very slippery on other surfaces.
    Click here to find out more about considerations for using Yaktrax for businesses and manufacturing...
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