"The Screaming Meanie 220 Truck Alarm Clock and Countdown Timer Stops You from Oversleeping..."
The legendary Screaming Meanie truck alarm clock is one of the most important trucker accessories you can buy. That's because they're extra loud (120dB), portable, battery operated truck alarm clocks with unique features that make sure you wake up from a deep sleep...
  • You can set the volume to suit your needs because you have three volume settings. 
    • Low is 70 dB - like a regular alarm clock.
    • Medium is 95 dB - a very loud alarm that will
      wake most heavy sleepers.
    • High is 120 dB is an extremely loud (Screaming)
      alarm that will wake you up even if you're the heaviest sleeper.
  • Your Screaming Meanie 220 also makes sure you wake up because of the unique way you turn off the alarm...
    A five and ten minute pre alarm can be turned off with one button. There's no conventional "drowse button" you can go on hitting forever and oversleep. The final alarm also makes you press three buttons at the same time... so you have to be awake to do it. (It's a Meanie! It won't let you oversleep.)
  • You don't have to think about what time zone you're in because you can use the Screaming Meanie's timer function. Simply set the number of hours and minutes you want to sleep... it's that simple!
  • It's portable because it's... 
    • Battery Powered (9v battery sold separately)... no more searching for outlets in hotel rooms... no more adapters with wires to untangle... with a built-in battery tester to make sure your Screaming Meanie is ready to go.
    • Lightweight (Just 4.1 ounces excluding battery, 5.6 ounces with the battery installed)
    • Compact (Only 6 X. 2.38 X .75 inches)
Screaming Meanie 220 has even more useful features. Read about all the great ways you'll use yours with or without the detachable belt clip.   
  • Your Screaming Meanie 220 as a personal panic alarm that can be heard up to a mile away
  • There's a life saving audio signaling beacon that could save your life. A loud signal will sound for 10 seconds every five minutes. A great safety feature for people involved in activities off the beaten path where even cell phones don't always work or to summon help in emergency situations like tornadoes or earthquakes.
    Truck Alarm Clock Backlit Display image
  • It's easy to use and read in the dark because of the backlit display.
  • Read Screaming Meanie 220 Instructions
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The Screaming Meanie 220 is the truck alarm clock of choice for thousands of truckers across the country. Order yours today so you can stop worrying about waking up on time.