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Screaming Meanie 220
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    Duracell PROCELL Professional Alkaline 9v Battery for use with Screaming Meanie 220
    Meanie 220 Battery image



    The purpose of the following audio clip is to give you an idea of what the Screaming Meanie alarm sounds like. The actual alarm may sound different because:

      The loudest setting, 120dB, is almost as loud a jet plane taking off or being in the front row of a rock concert. So I can't begin to replicate that volume level on a web page.
    • The variations in computer sound cards and speakers.
    • Of differences in your audio settings and how high your volume is set
    • The actual recording process may not perfectly reproduce the alarm's sound.
    Best viewed in Full Screen HD. Click the YouTube Full Screen Symbol symbol in the YouTube Player below...
    Low is 70 dB - like a regular alarm clock.
    Medium is 95 dB - a very loud alarm that will wake most heavy sleepers.
    High is 120 dB is an extremely loud alarm that will wake the heaviest sleepers and should only be used if it's absolutely necessary.

    Be kind to your ears. Always use the lowest setting that gets the job done when using the alarm clock. Remember that the lower settings may wake you when a regular alarm clock fails because the shut-off procedure requires that you be awake to turn off the alarm.

    Never keep your Screaming Meanie close to your head at any dB setting.

    Screamin Meanie is a common misspelling for this product.