Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock
"The Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock is the best way to make absolutely sure you'll wake up..."
"Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clocks stop you from oversleeping whether your problem is that you don't hear a normal alarm or you do hear it but turn it off and fall back to sleep..."
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Black Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock
Black Screaming Meanie 220
Black Screaming Meanie Side Controls
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Green Screaming Meanie 220
Green Screaming Meanie Side Controls
Green Screaming Meanie Back

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Duracell PROCELL 9v Battery
for the Screaming Meanie 220
Meanie 220 Battery
$2.97 ea.

The Screaming Meanie is one of the loudest alarm clocks available on the market today! Join the thousands of people who rely upon their Screaming Meanie to get them to work or class on time.

Find out more about the alarm.

  • The alarm is a piercing, high frequency continuous alarm... similar to a home fire alarm.
  • Screaming meanie Volume Level SwitchYou can set the volume to the level you need to hear the alarm because there are three volume levels...
    • Low is 70dB - like a regular alarm clock.
    • Medium is 95dB - a very loud alarm that will wake most heavy sleepers.
    • High is 120dB is an extremely loud (Screaming) alarm that will wake you up even if you're the heaviest sleeper.
    • You can hear the alarm in the YouTube Demo on this page. But the video camera circuitry suppresses the volume. It's a hundred times louder in person.
    • I recommend starting out with the 95dB setting which will wake most people.
    • Note to people with hearing loss problems. The alarm is high frequency. If you suffer from high frequency hearing loss you may not be able to hear the alarm regardless of the volume.

Find out why you can't sleep through the alarm.

  • Screaming Meanie alarm clocks will not let you sleep through the alarm
    • You have to physically turn it off because the alarm is continuous and won't automatically shut off after a period of time.
    • It also makes sure you wake up and don't just turn the alarm off in your sleep because of the unique way you turn off the alarm...
      • A five and ten minute pre alarm can be turned off with one button (The Key button). There's no conventional "snooze button" you can go on hitting forever and oversleep. The final alarm also makes you press three buttons at the same time... the Key button, and the Hour and Minute Buttons... using two hands. You have to be awake to do it. (It's a Meanie! It won't let you oversleep.)

Find out why it's easy to use in the dark.

It has a indigo backlit display. The Backlight button also serves as a battery tester. When you press it a Red LED will light if the battery is good. So you don't have to worry that you'll oversleep because the battery is dead.

Why it's the perfect portable alarm clock...

  • Battery Powered (9v battery sold separately)... no more searching for outlets in hotel rooms... no more adapters with wires to untangle... with a built-in battery tester to make sure your Screaming Meanie is ready to go. How long the battery last depends on how long you let it ring. But it's safe to expect the battery to last about 12 months or more for the average user.
  • Lightweight (Just 4.1 oz excluding battery, 5.6oz with the battery installed)
  • Compact (Only 6 x 2.38 x .75 in.)

Countdown Timer

  • There's no need to worry about what time zone you're in. Simply set the number of hours and minutes you want to sleep.
  • The timer is also great around the house because you can hear it go off in another room. Carry it when you're cutting the grass or vacuuming when you can't hear a regular timer go off.

Personal Panic Alarm

It can be heard up to one mile away. It's activated by pressing the White Key Button twice rapidly.

Audio Signaling Beacon

A loud signal will sound for 10 seconds every five minutes. A great safety feature for people involved in activities off the beaten path where even cell phones don't always work or to summon help in emergency situations like tornadoes or earthquakes.

YouTube Logo Screaming Meanie 220 Review & Demo

Pros & Cons

Pros:  There is no better way to make sure you wake up on time.
Cons: The user interface could be simpler. But my video above makes it easy by showing you exactly how it works.


Be sure to click the Explanation of Benefits Tab above for a complete explanation of the Screaming Meanie's capabilities including instructional videos.


  • Dimensions: 6 in. x 2.38 in. x .75 in.
  • Weight: 4.1 oz without battery; 5.8 oz with battery
  • Power: Standard 9v Battery (Sold Separately)
  • Colors: Black; Transparent Green
  • Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Cornetta
  • Made in China
Who Should Own a Screaming Meanie?
  • Businessmen and women who cannot afford to be late for work or miss appointments, meetings and flights.
  • Travelers whose sense of time and sleep patterns are disrupted because of changing time zones.
  • High school and college students who cannot be late for class or exams after studying all night or, dare I say it, partying to all hours of the night.
  • Anyone suffering from extreme fatigue or sleep deprivation
  • People who live in areas subject to tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes will appreciate the locator beacon.
  • Truck Drivers who cannot afford to miss docking times and deliveries.
  • Motorcyclists who can't hear a regular alarm.
  • The hearing impaired. Note: The alarm is high frequency. If you suffer from high frequency hearing loss you might not me able to hear it. If in doubt, you can try it. If it doesn't work you can return it for a full refund.
  • People who feel insecure while walking or jogging and will appreciate the Screaming Meanie personal panic alarm.
  • People who participate in outdoor activities off the beaten path will use Screaming Meanie's audio homing beacon.
Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last?

That totally depends upon how long you let the alarm sound before turning it off. I turn it off "QUICKLY" and the battery lasts me between 12 and 15 months.

Can I set the alarm once so that it wakes me at the same time every day?

No. You have to set it every day. But it becomes a habit and you can set it in seconds.

The reason is because the Screaming Meanie was originally designed for long distance truck drivers who are constantly crossing time zones. It forces them to set the alarm every time.

Is there a way to disable the Pre Alarm?

No. But all you have to do is set the alarm to go off 10 minutes past the time you want to get up. Then when it goes off you completely turn off the alarm by simultaneously holding down the Key Button with your left thumb and the Hours and Minutes Set Buttons with your right thumb. Just watch the demo video.

Will the alarm time out?

No. It's a continuous alarm. It will keep going off until you turn it off manually.
10 Most Recent Reviews
3 Star Product Rating3 / 5 Stars
"Trouble remembering which buttons do what. Need to use it only occasionally. Like battery powered and loudness." , Boothbay Harbor, ME 07/17/14
5 Star Product Rating5 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Bushnell, IL 07/16/14
4 Star Product Rating4 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Oswego, NY 06/18/14
5 Star Product Rating5 / 5 Stars
"I love the Screaming Meanie and use it as an alarm clock. My job is extremely time sensitive and being late could end it for me, so I set two Screaming Meanies on my nightstand. I also gave one to my girlfriend." , Kings Mountain, NC 06/16/14
4 Star Product Rating4 / 5 Stars
"No additional comments." , Littleton, CO 06/16/14
5 Star Product Rating5 / 5 Stars
"I bought this for my Marine grandson in CA who has to get up on time... also sent him the survey... he may or may not respond. From what he tells me, it works. Thanks for your help." , El Cajon, CA 04/15/14
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I needed a new alarm clock. A few I had were old and stopped working or I would sleep through it. WOW you want to get up! This the alarm. Works great, no problems. " , Grand Rapids, MI 01/20/14
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"The best alarm clock for teenagers I've ever found!" , Topeka, KS 01/19/14
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I bought the Screaming Meanie for my son, age 26, who could not be awaken by any alarm clock. Background: he is the youngest of my 3 sons. Oldest and middle son were 9 & 7 years older than him. When he was little he was their favorite way to pass the time. Pestering him while he slept, and he learned to sleep thru anything... thus making it impossible to be awaken by an alarm clock. This IS waking him up!!!!! Yes!!! I would have to drive 20 miles after my work to wake him so he could not be late for work." , Gadsden, AL 09/06/13
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William B., Dulzura, CA 08/20/13

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