Screaming Meanie 110
"The Screaming Meanie 110 Countdown Timer's Loud 110dB Continuous Alarm and the unique way of turning off the alarm stops you from oversleeping..."

If you don't hear regular alarm clocks and tired of oversleeping the Screaming Meanie 110 is your answer...

The Screaming Meanie 110 is a countdown timer... not an alarm clock. You simply enter the number of hours and minutes you want to sleep and the Screaming Meanie 110's 110 decibel alarm will wake you up.

There's two volume levels...

70 dB
Like a regular alarm clock.
110 dB
Extremely loud alarm that will wake most deep sleepers

The unique way you turn off the alarm makes sure your awake...

There is a 10 minute and 5 minute pre alarm that you can turn off with just one button (the Key button). You have to press the Key button and the HR and MIN buttons at the same time to turn off the final alarm... you have to be awake to do it. It makes sure you can't just keep pressing one button while your half asleep and not wake up on time.

Meanie 220 Backlit Display image

The Screaming Meanie 110 is easy to read in the dark because of the backlit display...

Built-in battery tester gives you more assurance the alarm will go off and you won't oversleep.

Some people use Screaming Meanie 110 Countdown Timers to help them stay awake while driving. I don't recommend that...
  • First, if you're that tired...pull over...take a nap. Your Screaming Meanie will wake you up.
  • Secondly, it takes two hands to turn it off... hey... you're driving.
  • Thirdly, it's could startle you... you could swerve and have an accident.

It's portable because it's... 

  • Battery Powered (9v battery sold separately) more searching for outlets in hotel rooms... no more adapters with wires to untangle...with a built-in battery tester to make sure your Screaming Meanie is ready to go.
  • Lightweight (Just 4.1 ounces excluding battery, 5.6 ounces with the battery installed)
  • Compact (Only 6 X. 2.38 X .75 inches)

The Screaming Meanie 110 also has a Personal Alarm function that's activated by pressing the Key Button twice Rapidly.

Manufacturer: Pacific Cornetta

Screaming Meanie 110
Your Cost Just $27.97!
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9v Battery
Screaming Meanie 110 - Transparent Green image
Meanie 110 Battery image


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The Screaming Meanie Countdown Timer is ideal for...
  • Business men and women who cannot afford to be late for work or miss appointments, meetings and flights
  • Travelers whose sense of time and sleep patterns are disrupted because of changing time zones
  • High school and college students who cannot be late for class or exams after studying all night or, dare I say it, partying to all hours of the night
  • Anyone who is suffering from extreme fatigue or sleep deprivation
  • Truck Drivers who cannot afford to miss dock times and deliveries
  • Motorcycle Riders
  • The hearing impaired