"An incredibly useful, inexpensive gift for a new college student
to help get them get up and to class on time..."
Screaming Meanie 220
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Black Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock
Black Screaming Meanie 220
Black Screaming Meanie Side Controls
Black Screaming Meanie Back
Green Screaming Meanie 220
Green Screaming Meanie Side Controls
Green Screaming Meanie Back

Duracell PROCELL 9v Battery
for the Screaming Meanie 220
Meanie 220 Battery
$2.97 ea.
Two of the main reasons a new college student can get into academic trouble...
  1. Not keeping up with their studies.
  2. Not getting to class on time... or at all.
You know college is more difficult than high school and there are a lot late nights of studying. They're tired and often sleep through their alarm and miss their class or... worse yet... an exam. In high school they could rely on Mom to get them up. But Mom's not there now. You also know as I do from experience that missing just one class can make a world of difference in your final grade.

You can't make your college student keep up with their work. But you can help get them to class on time. A Screaming Meanie makes a great gift for a college student because it will definitely wake them up and get them to class. It has great gizmo appeal so they're more likely to use it and they'll soon find it indispensable. It also has other features to help keep them safe which, if you listen to the news, is no small consideration these days.

Screaming Meanies are the alarm clocks of choice for almost all long distance truck drivers. If it wakes them... it will wake up your college student too... I guarantee it. It's a gift that's well built and one that they will use long after graduation. You won't find a better going away to college gift idea or gift for a new college student even if the college is across the street.

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Screaming Meanie 220 Demo
Here's why a Screaming Meanie will stop your favorite student from missing class...

They WILL NOT sleep through this alarm.

  • Screaming Meanie 220's have three volume levels to suit your student's particular needs...
    1. Low is 70 dB - like a regular alarm clock.
    2. Medium is 95 dB - a very loud alarm that will wake most heavy sleepers.
    3. High is 120 dB is an extremely loud (Screaming) alarm that will wake you up even if you're the heaviest sleeper.
  • It's a continuous alarm that sounds like a home smoke detector. It won't time out. It rings until you manually turn it off.
  • You can't just keep on hitting Snooze Button.
    • A five and ten minute pre alarm can be turned off with one button. But there's no conventional "snooze button" you can go on hitting forever and oversleep.
    • The final alarm makes them press three buttons that are spaced apart at the same time. It takes two hands and have to be awake to do it. (It's a Meanie! It won't let them oversleep and miss class.)

Screaming Meanie's personal alarm feature is great for helping to keep your college student safe on and off campus...

Pushing the white Key Button twice rapidly sets off a 120dB personal alarm that can be heard up to a mile away. Although it's easy to turn on you have to know how to turn it off. Would be attackers are unlikely to stick around to try to figure it out since every campus security guard on campus or policeman in the area will be heading their way! It's easy for your student to carry it with them because it only weighs a few ounces and it's compact. There's also a detachable belt clip.

The Screaming Meanie is easy to read in the dark.

It has an indigo backlit display.
Screaming Meanie 220 Backlit Display image

Your student will be safer participating in activities like hiking or mountain biking.

That's because there's an audio locator beacon that automatically sounds for 10 sec. every five minutes to summon help if they would get injured.

They can use their Screaming Meanie as a useful timer.

You can hear it go off in another room. Carry it when you are cutting the grass or vacuuming when you wouldn't hear a regular timer go off.

  • Screaming Meanie is easy to use.
    Click here to Read Screaming Meanie's Instructions.
  • Built-in Battery Tester provides more assurance that you will not miss your wake up call
  • Belt Clip (Detachable)
  • Requires one 9V battery (not included, sold separately above)
  • 6 X. 2.38 X .75 inches
  • 4.1 ounces excluding battery, 5.6 ounces with battery installed