Fall Wallpaper
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When you click on a fall wallpaper image you will be running a wallpaper installer program for that particular fall background. The desktop wallpaper installer simply installs the fall wallpaper on your desktop as you would manually. There is no software for tracking or any other purpose other than to make it easy for visitors, particularly novice computer users, to install these fall backgrounds easily. You will get two security messages. Simply click on the Run button to respond to both messages. Click here to see messages you can expect to see if you're running Microsoft Windows XP.

If you install the Fall wallpaper and you decide you do not like it changing it back is simple. Click here to find out how to change the desktop background back to what it was before.

Fall Wallpaper- Staghorn Sumac 01 Picture of Staghorn Sumac taken near Mallets Bay, VT in early September. Fall arrives early in Vermont.

Click here to install Fall Wallpaper of Staghorn Sumac

Fall Wallpaper Lake Champlain 01 Fall at Lake Champlain..not a bad a bad place to be! Totally beautiful and unspoiled.

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Fall Desktop Wallpaper - Milkweed Milkweed on the shore of Lake Champlain in early September.


Click here to download and install this Milkweed Fall Wallpaper.
Fall Desktop Wallpaper- Goldenrod Goldenrod - Love it or hate it, it's still part of the Fall season.


Click here to download and install this Goldenrod Fall Wallpaper.
Monarch Butterfly Wallpaper This Vermont Monarch Butterfly is probably thinking warm and sunny Mexico where he'll be migrating to soon
Click here to download and install this Fall Monarch Butterfly Wallpaper.
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Fall Desktop Wallpaper- Goldenrod This autumn desktop wallpaper of Lake Champlain gives some room for your icons.


Click here to download and install this Fall Vermont Wallpaper.
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Fall Desktop Wallpaper- Mums 01 This fall flowers wallpaper features mums. This background should put you in the fall spirit.


Click here to download and install this Fall Flowers Wallpaper.

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Fall Desktop Wallpaper This fall foliage desktop wallpaper has a scatter light filter applied to give it an artistic, dream-like effect.


Click here to download and install this Fall Foliage Wallpaper...
Fall Basket Wallpaper A fall basket filled with colorful gourds seems to float suspended on your desktop.

Click here to install this fall basket desktop wallpaper...

Maiden Grass Wallpaper The simple elegance of Maiden Grass is at its best in September.


Click here to download and install this Fall Maiden Grass Desktop Wallpaper...

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