How to Change Desktop Wallpaper - Windows® XP

How to Change Desktop Wallpaper image 1 If you simply want to install another background from our web site, simply download the new installer and run it. This will replace the previous desktop wallpaper and install the new one.

Want to change your desktop back to a wallpaper that you had prior to downloading backgrounds from our web site you will have to it manually The following four simple steps apply to Windows XP users and is similar to other Windows users as well:

Step 1: Go to your computer's Desktop. Place the cursor anywhere in the Desktop area other than directly on an icon.

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How to Change Desktop Wallpaper image 2 Step 2: Right click your mouse and the pop up menu will appear as shown in the image to the left. Place the cursor on Properties and left click your mouse.

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How to Change Desktop Wallpaper image 3 Step 3: Clicking the Properties option on the menu in the previous step will cause the Display Properties screen at the left to appear. You now want to left click your mouse on the Desktop tab at the top of this screen.

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How to Change Desktop Wallpaper image 4 Step 4: Notice the Backgrounds appearing in the box with the scroll down bar on the right. Simply scroll down to select the background that you want to appear on you desktop. In the example to the left I have set the background picture to None and selected the a solid blue color from the drop down menu in the bottom right corner.

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