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Find One Find All Key Finder Key Fob Style with Car Keys.
Find One Find All Key Chain / Wallet Finder Combo.
FOFA Key Finder on Keys Find One Find All Key Finder Key Chain Set FOFA Key Finder Key Chain Set Package Front FOFA Key Finder Key Chain Set Package Back
Find One Find All Key Finder Combo FOFA Key Finder Wallet Finder Combo Set Package Front FOFA Key Finder Wallet Finder Combo Set Package Back FOFA Wallet Finder in Wallet
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$24.95 /Set
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Cartoon Eyes looking at FOFA Purchasing Tip
Save Money... Buying 2 sets? Save 5% by simply adding an extra battery (sold below) and qualify for my Order Volume Discount!

Extra FOFA Key Finder
CR2032 Batteries
Key Finder Battery
$1.49  ea.

FOFAs Key come with batteries that last up to one year.
My experience is that they last six to eight months. If you want to keep some extras handy here's a good deal. They have a shelf life of 9 years so you're sure to use them.

Note: Keep your batteries stored in the individual plastic envelopes for safety.

FOFA XD 2-Way RF Technology
Find One Find All FOFA Wireless Key Finders Technology

FOFA is the most practical and versatile wallet locator and a far better investment than competing products because...

  • You can find lost keys, remote controls for your TV or Wii system, cell phones, cameras, whatever item is important to you in addition to just your wallet because you can expand your FOFA key finder system at any time to specifically find up to 36 different items. If you can't find your wallet you just press the number corresponding to your wallet on any other FOFA Key Finder... like you'll probably have on your key chain... and if you're within 30 ft. of your wallet you'll hear a loud, 94 dB signal or use the XD Proximity Detect feature mentioned above. You assign the number of your choice to any FOFA key finder using a simple setup procedure.
  • A defective unit can easily be replaced extending the useful life of your wallet finder because replacement key finders are not unique. You simply program the replacement unit as the number of the one that's getting replaced.
  • FOFA Key and wallet finders are easier to attach to your things because they come in two different styles and all models communicate with each other and are setup in the same easy way.
  • You can use your FOFA wallet finder anywhere because there's no bulky base station unit to lug with you wherever you go.  

FOFA stands for FIND ONE FIND ALL. As long as you can find just one of the items you've attached a FOFA to you can find all the rest. More...

  • Each FOFA can find any other FOFA without requiring a base station. Each FOFA is both a transmitter and a receiver which enables 2-way RF communication.
    • You'll have a complete key finder system wherever you go again because there's No Base Station to remember to take with you. You're good at home, the office, in the hotel room, in the store, wherever! All you need are at least two items with a FOFA attached.
    • You don't have to worry about misplacing the base station itself.
  • You can start out with a set of two or any style FOFA. Then add more sets (or single units... any style... at any time) up to a total of 6 sets of 6 FOFA Key Finders for a total of 36!
    Each of those 36 items can be specifically located by simply pressing the number on any of the FOFA Key Finders... from any of that FOFA's set of 6... that corresponds to the number you have assigned to the FOFA you're looking for.
  • Click here if you think finding even just one of those items might be a problem for you...

You'll definitely hear the FOFA on a located item because...

It has a loud 94dB audible ringer.

Wireless Remote RF Key Finders work better and are far more practical than sound activated key locators because...

  • RF works through walls, ceilings, sofa cushions, coat pockets and wash piles where sound activated locators fail.
  • You don't have to point at the missing item in order for it to work because the RF signal is multi-directional.
  • You won't be embarrassed by your key finder going off unexpectedly from ambient noise like sound activated key locators often do like in movie theaters, at concerts, and even in church! The keys on your FOFA are designed so that they aren't accidentally pressed.
  • You can feel comfortable using your FOFA in a professional or public setting because the they look professional and the way you use it is professional. Can you imagine clapping or whistling in the office to try to find your keys?

Cartoon EyesA FOFA key and wallet finder locates your lost wallet in common places you often find your wallet where other wallet locators can't. Here's why...

You can locate items buried under sofa cushions, wash piles or in heavy coat pockets... where lost keys, wallets and remote controls usually hide... even when you can't hear the loudest ringer or see the brightest flashing LED light.That's because is the only wallet locator with an exclusive patented feature called XD Proximity Detectâ„¢. Here's how it works...
  • You walk room to room repeatedly pressing the number corresponding to the FOFA attached to the item you're looking for. When you're within 30 ft. of the lost item located FOFA makes an audible sound and also sends a signal back to the FOFA you're holding. This causes the FOFA you're holding to sound a warbling alarm and a red LED to blink that tells you your lost item has been located and is close by. So even if you can't hear the located FOFA you still know you found it from the response of the one you're holding.
  • The closer you get to the located the faster and/or more steady it blinks! The FOFA is the only key finder with this breakthrough 2-way feature that makes it far more useful for everyone and uniquely useful for the hearing impaired.

They're adaptable and easier to attach to your things than with competing key finders because...

FOFA Attachment Hardware
  • FOFAs come in different shaped models.
    • Use a FOFA Key Chain model for your car keys.
    • The Flat FOFA is a perfect wallet finder... so thin it fits in a credit card slot... or as a TV remote control finder.
    • Be inventive! Use a FOFA to locate anything you tend to misplace at home or at work.
      • Home wireless phone
      • Boat keys
      • Lock keys
      • Wii controller
      • Shed Keys
      • Garage opener
      • Work access ID's
      • USB drive holders
      • GPS
    • Attachment hardware, rings and a Velcro® square are included.
  • All models communicate with each other and operate the same way.
  • All models use the same easy-to-follow setup.

They won't add a lot of bulk or weight to the items you're locating because...

  • The Key Fob is just 2¾" x 1" x < ½" and weighs just ½ oz
  • The flat wallet style is just 2¾" x 2" x < ¼"... smaller than a credit card... and weighs only ¾ oz
Find One Find All FOFA Key Finder Compared to a Quarter Flat Find One Find All Key Finder Compared to Credit Card FOFA Key Finders Dimensions

FOFAs require one common CR3032 battery for each unit (included) that last about 6 to 9 months with normal use. More...

  • Easy Pull Battery Tab activation.
  • Some competing products require 2 batteries per unit. Click here to Find out how easy it is to install new batteries... Finding a replacement battery isn't a problem because they all use a standard CR2032 Coin cell battery you can find almost anywhere. I do sell additional batteries on this page if you want extras on hand. They have a shelf life of 9 years.

You'll get years of use because...

  • They're high quality. The designer actually drove his car over one and it continued to function.
  • In the unlikely event one should fail you simply replace it, program the number, and you're back in business. It's a lot simpler than systems where you have to replace a specific locator or a base unit.

You can use the LED light as a small flashlight by simply pressing the number assigned to the FOFA you're holding.

This is a bit if a stretch. But it produces enough light to help you get the key in the key hole when you're struggling in the dark.

FOFAs make incredibly useful, affordable gifts and stocking stuffers...

  • For anyone who carries car keys, house keys, a wallet or purse, has a TV remote control, cell phone, iPod, digital camera or glasses.
  • For the young who can be absent minded... older folks who tend to be more forgetful... and everyone else in between.
  • Perfect Corporate Gifts because they're inexpensive and something your customers, clients or employees will definitely use and think of and thank you every time they use it.
    "Bought this for my father for Christmas and really like it - thanks for a great product!"
    Lisa C., 4/8/11

FOFA products have been approved by the FCC which is very important because...

Non-certified devices can cause serious complications with medical and other critical electronic devices.

FOFA Demo Video, Features & Specifications

FOFA Wallet Finder Locator shown in wallet.
Fits in a credit card slot!
2 ¾" x 2" x < ¼" ***
Weighs only ¾ oz
Wallet Finder / Locator Size Comparison
The FOFA is small and lightweight...
***While the Flat Style Find One All Key Finder is actually smaller than a credit card and easily fits in a credit card slot it's a lot thicker... about as thick as 6 credit cards. If your wallet is already "stuffed" that could be problem.

YouTube Logo
FOFA Key Finder Demo & Review

FOFA XD Find One Find All Key Finder Review & Demo
This video demonstrates and reviews FOFA XD Find One Find All Key Finders. It explains their unique features and benefits. It also shows how to set them up.


  • 2-Way RF Communications finds lost items under cushions, in coat pockets, the hamper and other hidden places ordinary key finders can't find.
  • No Base Station Required.
  • Blinking LEDs & Loud 94dB Alert provide both visual and audio indicators that a lost item has been found.
  • Finds Up To 6 Items. Use Up to 6 Sets of 6 FOFA Key Finders to find up to 36 items.
  • Easy Set Up.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Batteries Included
  • 1 Year Warranty


FOFA Key Finders Dimensions
  • Dimensions
    • Key Fob: 2¾" x 1" x < ½"
    • Flat (Wallet): 2¾" x 2" x < ¼"
  • Weight
    • Key Fob: ½ oz
    • Flat (Wallet): ¾ oz
  • Audio Alert: 94dB 2-Tone
  • Visual Alert: Flashing Red LED
  • 2-Way Wireless Communication
  • No Base Station Required
  • Keys have Braille Identification
  • Range: 30 Ft. Radius (It does not have to be pointing at the lost object.)
  • Power: (1) Common CR2032 Battery
  • Melbourne Designs, LLC
  • Made in China


Think about all the time and aggravation a wallet finder would have saved you in the past. Being late for appointments, late meeting up with friends, and to work. And work is one thing you don't want to be late for right now.

The FOFA is an extraordinarily well-engineered, serious wireless remote key and wallet finder that just makes your life easier. Literally everybody needs them and can't imagine ever having lived without them once they have it.

You won't find a better, more useful and affordable gift that you know everybody is going to appreciate and use.

Do you have a problem with oversleeping?
Your FOFA Key Finder practically eliminates lost keys from causing you to be late for work. Your Screaming MeanieScreaming Meanie will make sure you don't oversleep.
Find One Find All (FOFA) Key Finders Setup
The Demo Video clearly shows how to setup your key finder. Start the video and then select the Setup chapter on the right side of the player.

There are two ways to setup your FOFA Key Finder.
  1. Use the Quick Setup Guide shown below if you have six or fewer items to track.
  2. Use the Advanced Setup Guide if you have more than six Find One Find All FOFA Key Finders, multiple users or you want to re program a FOFA.
  • If you've just taken your FOFA XD Key Finder out of the box you'll notice a clear tab.
    • Pull and remove that clear tab to enable the battery to make contact. As you remove it you'll hear a beep and the red LED will blink indicating contact has been made and you're in Setup Mode.
    • If you don't hear the beep or see the LED light blink when you pull the clear plastic tab you should remove and re insert the battery because the battery may have shifted during shipment. Make sure the battery is facing up before re inserting the battery. After re inserting the battery you should hear a beep and see the red LED light blink indicating your FOFA is in Setup Mode.
      Ladies, I don't want to be responsible for your nails! Use a small screw driver or... as FOFA suggests, a blunt dinner knife to gently pry the battery tray open. It's deliberately made difficult to remove to keep children from opening it up. It's to keep your family safe.
The beep tells you the FOFA is in Setup Mode and ready to assign a number to the this key finder.
  • Simply press the number you want to assign to this key finder. Now when I say key finder I'm talking about the regular FOFA XD key finder or the "Flat" key finder. They're all programmed exactly the same way.

    For the first FOFA you press the number 1. For the second FOFA press 2. Do it for each FOFA just being sure to assign a different number to each one. That's all there is to it.

    Note: You don't have to program six FOFA key finders just because there are six numbers. You always needs at least two. But from there you buy as many additional sets as you need. Adding more later is not a problem. You simply set them up with a unique number between 1 and 6. You can assign up to 36 different numbers using "sets".
  • If you get interrupted and you're not sure what number you've assigned to a unit you can simply hold down the 2 and 3 keys and let go. Your FOFA will beep the number of times corresponding to the number you've assigned to it.
  • To locate a key finder simply press the corresponding number on any other FOFA.
How to Attach FOFA's to Your Things
FOFA Attachment HardwareFOFA Key Finders ship with a:
  • Lanyard
  • Standard Attachment Ring
  • Two Sided Tape for mounting a FOFA to a flat surface. also supplies a 7/8" Velcro Square at no additional cost.

Find out more about attaching FOFA Key Finders...

Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

Can I buy single key finders?

No. FOFA's are currently only available in sets of 2. Remember that you always need at least two because you need one to find another.

Can I add additional FOFAs later on?

Absolutely! Simply assign them different numbers than the ones you already have.

I am interested in this key/purse finder, what would I have on my person that would let me search for my lost keys? If you need multiple finders, can they all be found by one "finder" on my person? This is great, if it really works.

Each FOFA Key Finder can find any other FOFA Key Finder... there is no base station... therefore you always need a minimum of two FOFA devices. So you need to have one Item with a FOFA Key Finder on your person... it doesn’t matter which one... that can then be used to find up to five other items that have FOFA Key Finders attached.

Another way of stating it is to say you can have up to six FOFA Key Finders in a functioning set... any one of which can be used to find any of the other items in that set of six.

You can have up to six sets of six... for a total of 36 FOFA key finders... in one household.

They do really work. Plus you have no risk because I give you a 100% cash back satisfaction guarantee.

Support Questions

Must I reprogram my FOFA when I replace the battery?

Yes. See the FOFA Setup tab to find out more.

I forgot which number I assigned to my FOFAs. Is there a way I can tell which number each FOFA has been assigned?

Yes. There are two ways:
  1. Simultaneously press the 2 and 3 Keys. The FOFA will beep the number of times corresponding to the number it has been assigned.
  2. Press each number key. When you get to the number assigned to that FOFA it will beep 4 times.

I have brand new FOFAs. I pulled out the plastic tab and nothing happened.

Simply remove and replace the battery. Sometimes the battery gets out of alignment during shipping.

The FOFA's are not communicating.

The common cause is that you assigned the same number to the FOFAs. Each FOFA must have a unique number. You can determine if this is true by checking the previous support question about how to determine which number has been assigned to each FOFA. To fix it, simply remove the battery from the FOFA you want to assign a different number. Replace the battery. When you here a little chirp, press the number you want to assign to it.

Our FOFA started emitting some very soft beeps followed by flashing lights. Is this a low battery indication?

There are 3 possible causes.
  1. The battery has depleted to a point where the FOFA is resetting. This is the most likely cause.
  2. The battery contacts are intermittent.
  3. The FOFA is damaged (Water, shock, extreme static shock.)
Replace the battery. This would take care of possibilities 1 and 2. If that doesn't fix the problem and the key finders are still under warranty call me for a replacement.
Aggregate Rating:
4.33 / 5 Based On
5 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"The tone on the key finders is not one I am able to hear. However others within the house hear them well." , Memphis, TN
5 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"Have not had to use them yet. They do give a little piece of mind." , Jackson, WY
5 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"At first I didn't like the distance one key can find another. So I called in to return it and the gentleman on the phone was so nice and offered me full refund. After I got off the phone with him and started packing fofa's back into the boxes, I realized the way to look for another set is to go thru the house pushing the right number and when you at a reasonable distance from another fofa it will be found. I already saved all kinds of money by finding keys and other devices in the house quickly. Love it!" , San Francisco, CA
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"Product works just as it should, NO MORE LOST KEYS FOR MY WIFE............. WOO HOO!
Out of the box, programed, and working in less than 2 min.
" , Mabelvale, AR
5 Star Product Rating 4 / 5 Stars
"Bought 4 of these for items frequently misplaced at home." , Jackson, NJ
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"Very happy with units. Delivered as promised. Fast and easy setup. Easy as counting to six. I bought three sets for my wife and I. We decided to order more for Christmas gifts. (The Key Fob Style) Can adapt to many uses. "
, Parksville, BC Canada
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