"FOFA Key Finders find you lost keys..."

If you looking for the best solution for how to find your lost keys, wallet, purse, TV remote or even your glasses a FOFA Key Finder is the answer. FOFA Key Finders come in three styles that make them easy to attach to your keys and everything else you misplace. All you need to find your lost keys, wallet or any of the other items you've attached a FOFA Key Finder to is any other item with a FOFA Key Finder attached. It's just that easy.

It's a lot better than key finder systems that have a dedicated base unit that you have to use to find other things with a locator unit attached because your just as likely to misplace the base unit. It's one of those things that you probably don't use everyday and then when you do need it you don't remember where you put it. But with a FOFA you know where you usually keep your keys. You know where you usually put your wallet or purse. Same thing for the TV remote, your iPod, cell phone... whatever because you use them every day. So all you have to do is find one of those items and you can find any of the rest you misplaced.

Watch the video on the right to see how they work...

Movie showing how to find lost keys and
other items using FOFA Key Finders.


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