"The FOFA XD wireless key and glasses finder locates your glasses up to 60 ft. away..."
The FOFA Glasses Finder is no longer available. An alternative will be available in the future.
Glasses Finder Locator
IMPORTANT! You always need At Least Two FOFA Key Finders because you use one FOFA to find the other one.
They don't have to be the same type because they all talk to each other and operate and are setup in the same way.
So you need two glasses finders, a glasses finder and a key fob style, or a glasses finder and a flat style. Call me at 888-205-4477 if you have questions.
FOFA has added a glasses finder to it's revolutionary line of wireless remote key finders that has been a blessing for me because I'm very near sited. When I misplace my glasses it's a big deal. There are times I wake up from a nap and ultimately find my glasses across the room. How they got across the room is anybody's guess. But it takes a long, exasperating time until I find them which often involves groping around for them. That was until I got my FOFA key finder.
  • Each FOFA key finder can find any other key finder. So obviously you always need at least two FOFA key finders in your system. You can have up to 36 FOFA key finders attached to every thing from car keys, cell phones, TV remote controls, iPods, purses, wallets... anything you might lose and need to find in a hurry.
Key chain Key Finder / Locator Size Comparison
All FOFA Key Finders are small and lightweight.
  • There are three different types including the key chain, a flat model you can use for a variety of purposes like your wallet, and the new glasses finder shown in the picture above. Your FOFA system can have any combination of FOFA key finder types as long as there's more than one.
  • You setup each FOFA with a unique number. So assume you've assigned the number 2 to your glasses finder. You just go to any other FOFA Key Finder and press the number 2 and, if you're within 60 feet of your glasses you'll hear a 92 dB audio signal. So it doesn't take long to walk around the house with that kind of signal range to find your glasses.
    You don't even notice you're wearing the glasses finder because it's just 1.9" x 1" x 0.3" and weighs only 1/2 oz including the battery!
FOFA Remote Wireless Flat Key Finder
  • But what if you're looking for reading or sun glasses and they're in your briefcase, buried in your purse, under a sofa cushion or in your coat pocket and you can't hear the audio signal? The FOFA will still lead you right to them because there's also a flashing LED light that blinks when you're near your glasses. The closer you get the more regular the blink so you know just where to look. Think about all the time and aggravation a glasses finder would have saved you in the past and will save you in the future.
  • FOFA Key Finders make incredible, affordable and immensely appreciated gifts. The new glasses finder makes just that much better.
  • If you don't like the idea of lanyard style glasses finder you can always simply attach a flat FOFA Key Finder to your glasses case using the free Velcro square I include with each Flat FOFA Key
    Finder I sell.
Flat FOFA used as Glasses Finder Click here now to go to my
FOFA Remote Wireless Key Finder page
because it's a one of those products you'll wonder how you ever got along without before and one of the absolute best gifts you'll find anywhere...