"FOFA Key Finders help your college student get to class on time..."
OK, have you ever seen what the average college student's dorm room looks like? If you've gone to college you know. I've been to college. I've send three kids through college. And I know that the only rooms worse than freshman dorm rooms are those of sophomores, juniors and seniors who have more years to perfect their decorating motif I like to call "Contemporary F5 Tornado". Think how they maintain their rooms now... at home... and then consider you've actually been there to supervise. I rest my case. But seriously, college students can use FOFA Key Finders... we all can. Here's why...

I'm specifically thinking about that morning rush to get to class on time. You know your keys, wallet or glasses is in the room... somewhere. Your Student ID is basically "your life" so you carry it with you wherever you go and you don't leave without it.
If you wear glasses you're not leaving the room without them.

How FOFA Key Finders Work
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FOFAs are incredibly well-designed, affordable, remote wireless key finders in two designs. There's the traditional kind you would attach to your keys. There's a Flat design...smaller than a credit card...that fits in your wallet just like a credit card. The traditional and Flat can be used to attach to a host of other items like cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, you name it. Now all FOFA Key Finders... no matter what style... talk to each other. By that I mean any FOFA Key Finder can find any other FOFA Key Finder regardless of style. You always need at least two but you can have as many as 36 in one FOFA system.

You assign a unique number to each FOFA Key Finder in a simple, quick setup. So for example if your keys are FOFA #1 and your wallet is FOFA #2, you just press the #2 key on FOFA number one to find your wallet. Conversely you would press the #1 on the FOFA Key Finder in your wallet to find your keys.

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How FOFA Key Finders Work image

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I don't think I'm being presumptuous to believe they... learned college students... will be able to at least one of their items with a FOFA attached to find any of the other items.

When you press the number, the corresponding FOFA will emit a loud 94 dB signal if it is within 30 feet to help you locate it. You can find it even if it's buried under clothes or Lord knows what and you can't hear it because there's an LED on each FOFA that blinks when the other item is in that 30 foot range. If fact the closer you get to the misplaced object the more regular the blink so you know where to look.

Now you may think that a dorm room is small and how long could it possibly take to find something? Well, it can. It can take just long enough to make your scholar late for class which is never good. But you also have to consider that they left whatever they're looking for in another dorm room. They can actually walk down the hall until they hear the item or see the LED blinking.

FOFA Key Finders are made to last and they'll get plenty of use out of it both in college and after they graduate. As I said you need at least two to start out but you can add more key finders as you need them later on.

I think you'll agree the FOFA is a great gift. And when you have a FOFA Key Finder and Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock to make sure they wake up you're giving them the best possible chance to get to class on time and make the most of their college experience.

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FOFA Key Finders come with batteries that last... on the average... about six to nine months. If you want to keep some extras handy here's a good deal. They have a shelf life of 9 years so you're sure to use them.

Note: Keep your batteries stored in the individual plastic envelopes for safety.

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