" Incredibly soft, fuzzy socks women and men of all ages absolutely love..."

World's Softest Cozy Spa Socks

World's Softest Spa Socks
$6.97  /pr.
One Size Only
Fits: Mens 6 - 11
Women's 5 - 12

  • Quarter length Ultra-soft knit for comfort.
  • Reversible fabric designed to stay soft inside and out
  • Fibers 97% polyester, 3% spandex
  • Made in Korea
Candy Apple Red
Worlds Softest Spa Socks - Candy Apple Red
Worlds Softest Spa Socks - Charcoal
Worlds Softest Socks Spa Sock in Blue
Worlds Softest Spa Socks - Cream
Worlds Softest Spa Socks - Green
Lavender Mist
Worlds Softest Footsie and Bed Socks - Purple image
Worlds Softest Spa Socks - Pink
Worlds Softest Spa Sock
Looking for extra soft fuzzy socks? The World's Softest Socks brand make the ultimate softest fuzzy socks! They're amazing! Everyone who touches them can't seem to put them down. Imagine the softest, fuzziest socks you've ever felt before. Now imagine if that material was 100 times softer to the touch! These are incredibly soft socks.
  • They're great for runners...
    They feel fantastic on your feet after a hard workout...there's no question that they make great gifts for runners.
  • Great for working women...
    You've had a tough, pressure filled day at work or working around the house. Put them on and curl up on the sofa and feel your worries melt away.
  • Great for full-time moms...
    You've been a great Mom all day long. You've been taking care of the big kid you married too. The kids are finally in bed. Take a hot bath, put on your heavenly soft fuzzy socks, and take some time for yourself.
  • They're incredibly soft on your feet because of their feathered construction.
  • They're durable and maintain their shape because they're made from 97% Polyester and 3% Lycra® Spandex. They're even reversable for even better wear.
  • They're thicker and higher quality than other brands of fuzzy socks.
  • They're not aloe infused because they decided instead to put those dollars into giving you a higher quality, thicker, better pair of socks. Every time you wash an aloe infused sock you obviously lose some of the aloe. So when they say the aloe lasts for 36 washings it means there's still a trace of aloe in the sock. So somewhere along the line your foot isn't getting much benefit from whatever aloe is left in that sock.
    Cartoon Eyes looking up to left.The best way to truly take care of your feet is to use Blackberry Creek Foot Balm shown on the right...
  • Fuzzy Socks Make Fantastic Gifts!
    They're great gifts for runners and make the ultimate stocking stuffers or gifts for any occasion for girls from 8 to 80... a guaranteed hit! I haven't found anyone who doesn't love these socks. You'll understand why when you feel them. Add Blackberry Creek Foot Balm and you may well have one of the best gifts on the planet!
  • You won't spend a fortune because they're just $6.97 /pr.
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Soft Fuzzy Socks
$6.97 /pr.
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Imagine how great you'll feel cozying up to a warm fire while you're wearing your favorite soft fuzzy socks. There simply is no better way to relax and let your cares disappear...
Blackberry Creek All-Natural Foot Balm
Blackberry Creek All-Natural Foot BalmYou're never going to miss aloe infused socks. Here's the world's best all-natural foot balm that compliments your World's Best Soft Fuzzy Socks. Sure, it's got all-natural aloe oil. But it's also got all-natural...
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Shea Butter Absorbs quickly into the skin. Contains vitamins A, E and F for healthy skin balance and elasticity. Great for relieving joint and muscular aches and pains.
Calendula Oil Anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
Apricot Kernel Oil Softens your feet and prevents evaporation of water. Also gives the foot balm lubrication for easy application and contains healing Vitamin E.
Mango Butter Protects against the Sun's UV rays and it's an all-natural emollient.
Aloe Oil Helps heal cuts and burns and eases pain and inflammation
Peppermint Oil Cooling sensation and minty scent.
Tea Tree Oil Antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties.
Eucalyptus Relief of joint pain and inflammation.