"Toasty Feet Insulated Insoles are one of the best gift ideas for elderly
    people because they solve a problem most elderly people share..."
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Toasty Feet Insulated Insoles are great gift ideas for anyone and particularly for elderly people. They place a thermal barrier between the bottom of your foot and the floor. Everybody both young and old will eventually have cold feet if the floor is colder than your body temperature. It's just that elderly people have reduced circulation in the first place so conserving their body heat is just that much more important for keeping their feet and entire body warm.

Toasty Feet fit comfortably in all shoes and boots because they're ultra thin...about just 3/16 in. thick. Again that's even more important for elderly people because their feet have a tendency to swell making it important that all the space in their shoes are available for comfort.

Another reason Toasty Feet are great gift ideas for elderly people is their simplicity. There are no batteries to worry about. No chemical reactions that can require that the foot warmer device be removed in a hurry. You just put Toasty Feet in your shoes and leave them their. They're made from a durable space age material called Aspen Aerogel and neoprene so they last a very long time.

It doesn't have to cold outside to appreciate Toasty Feet. Lots of elderly people have cold feet whether they're indoors or outdoors and all year round. I'm not elderly but I have Toasty Feet in my shoes and it's amazing how I had gotten accustomed to having cold feet in the past.

Toasty Feet are beneficial all year long. The same insulating barrier that keeps your feet warm in cool and cold weather keeps them cool in hot weather. Now it's not as critical for elderly people to have cool feet but it's good to be comfortable whether you're young or old.

Toasty Feet Insulated Insoles is a great product. Your elderly parents, relatives or friends are going to love them. Almost everybody who tries a pair orders more for all their shoes. You won't find a better gift for elderly people.

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Toasty Feet Insoles   $15.97    (U.S. and Canada Shoe Sizes)
     Toasty Feet Sizes

Each Toasty Feet model fits a range of shoe sizes.

If your existing insole can be removed, use it as a pattern to trim your Toasty Feet.

If you can't remove your existing insole simply trim the Toasty Feet Insole using the trim line guides printed on the insole to make them fit your shoe.

Tip: Start by using a trim line size or two larger than your actual shoe size and try it. If it's too big trim to the next smaller size. You can always trim more off but you can't add it back.


8 to 12
The largest Men's Size is 12. The Box shows 13 but that's incorrect.
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7 to 10
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